About Donations

Your donations support worthy charities.

GreenDrop supports the fundraising efforts of its charitable partners by generating and collecting clothing and household goods which are sold to various thrift stores. The proceeds collected by the charities from the thrift stores provide the critical funds needed to support charitable initiatives in diverse communities.

When you make a donation through GreenDrop, you decide whether your donation benefits the American Red Cross, Military Order of the Purple Heart, the National Federation of the Blind or the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia. Your donation to your selected charity is tax deductible for the value of the items you donate. You will be offered a tax receipt from the charity of your choice at any GreenDrop locations or one will be left for you by the GreenDrop driver should you donate using the home pick-up method.

Additionally, when you choose GreenDrop, you make a greater impact with your donated goods – not only do you make a charitable donation, but you make a difference for the environment – by extending the life of unwanted items. Whether an item finds a second home from a thrift store shopper or is recycled and re-purposed for a different use – you are helping to keep it green!