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The 3 Key Reasons to Donate Baby Clothing and Accessories

When you have a baby, you buy a lot of for them. There are new clothes, new highchairs, car seats, blankets, bottles, formula, diapers, toys, books—the list doesn’t seem to end. Then, in a few months, your child outgrows the onesie, doesn’t like the toys, or got too big for the highchair. Babies grow, and they grow fast, which means there are a lot of goods that are only useful for a short period of time. So, what do you do with all of that stuff? Donate it! read more  >>

The Health Benefits You’ll Receive by Donating to Charity

In life, there are different things that are better for your health than others. Walking and movement make your brain happy and your body healthy. Eating fruits and veggies gives your insides the kick they need to run smoothly. Talking out your emotions helps you be kinder to yourself. Donating to charity helps you find happiness in your own life. The list could go on! But today, we’re going to delve specifically into the health benefits you’ll receive by donating to charity. From increased happiness to improved self-worth, when you donate, you’ll find health in a variety of ways. Learn more below! read more  >>

The History of Charitable Giving

The act of giving has been around basically since the beginning of time. Ancient Hebrews instituted a tax to help the poor. Since then, giving has evolved into a practice that many people follow; it’s become deeply ingrained in American culture and cultures around the world. But how did the switch from the Ancient Hebrews idea of giving transform into the practice we know today? Below we’ll delve into the brief history of charitable giving. Check it out! read more  >>

How to Plan a Donation Drive for Charity

Right now, everybody is looking for ways to make a difference. Whether it’s small donations or big drives, people want to find a way to help their communities in whatever way they can. If that’s you, then take the step toward big change by starting with some sort of donation drive. Maybe it’s a clothing drive or a food drive for locals. Whatever your idea is, take the steps and run with it! We’ve compiled a guide with tips, tricks, and steps on how to plan a donation drive for charity. Check them out and see what a difference you can make! read more  >>

3 Key Ways Universities Can Encourage Students to Give Back

Generosity is a trait more should aim to have. There are ways parents can encourage generosity and compassion in young children, but college tends to be a turning point for many. Will students continue their generosity, or will they turn their focus to themselves? However, part of the reason students neglect generous giving is that there is no longer the influence encouraging them to give back to their community. That’s where colleges come in. There are plenty of ways universities can encourage students to give back to their community. Who knows, it may even spark giving back to the college in the future! read more  >>