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Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Out on Your Own

Moving is a big deal for anybody, but if you’re moving out on your own for the first time, it can be a lot of extra work. Between packing, preparing your utilities, figuring out your floor plan, and more, moving is stressful. To ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible, you’ll want to watch out for these mistakes to avoid when moving out on your own. These will only make your move take longer and be more of a hassle for everyone involved.

Moving Everything You Own

No matter where you’re moving from, it’s very likely you have more stuff than you even realize. Moving is the perfect time to start decluttering your life. Your closet probably has more clothes than you’ll ever wear, and your room probably has more stuff in it than you need. Go through your belongings, and try to pack only what’s necessary. For the things you don’t want to throw away, schedule a donation pickup, and put those old items to good use instead.

Not Giving Yourself Enough Time

You’ll want to give yourself as much time as you can to pack everything up. Consider this when you’re deciding on a move-in day. You don’t want to scramble around in the final days before the move trying desperately to get everything together before the movers come. Know that packing and moving things will almost always take longer than you imagine it will, so schedule your move-in day a decent stretch of time away from when you sign the lease.

Doing It by Yourself

Moving isn’t easy, even for a minimalist. Especially if you’re moving out on your own, you’ll need help to move larger furniture pieces like your couch or mattress. When you first move out on your own, you may feel like you need to be fully independent and do everything yourself. Don’t fall into this trap; having help when moving will allow the whole process to go more smoothly and quickly.

Having No Packing Plan

A common mistake you want to avoid when moving out is not planning how you will pack all your possessions. Throwing them all into random boxes may work in a way, but this method results in having more boxes to deal with and a lot of wasted space. Planning out what possessions you can group or what you can use as cushioning will help you save a lot of space and create less to move overall.

When you finally start to move out, go into it with a fresh start. Take the old clothing and household items you don’t want anymore, and donate them to GreenDrop! We’ll make sure your old possessions are put to good use for someone who can really use them.

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