10 Signs Your Home Has Too Much Clutter

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Your home is your space of repose. It’s a place of gathering, of rest, of joy, of sadness—it’s so many things and seems to be exactly what you need it to be when you need it. That said, your home is bound to accumulate clutter. Those things that brought you out of your sorrow a few years ago, the items that your family shared excitement over—all these things pile up and create clutter each way you turn.

Now, where some call it messiness, others call it organized chaos. But either way, your home starts to burst with mess. Make room for new memories and rid of some of this chaos. However, if you’re like a lot of people, the idea of donating and ridding clutter seems atrocious. To help yourself on your way to a cleaner home with more room for memory building, check out these signs your home has too much clutter. We’ve provided additional tips for getting rid of that clutter as well—check it out!

You think you need to buy more storage

Trust us, you don’t need to rent another storage unit. If you find that you’ve run out of room at your home and at your storage space, then it’s time to declutter the stuff you have. Sort through your storage at your storage unit, in your attic, and more. It’ll be much better for your pocket!

You’re constantly misplacing items

How long does it take you to find what you need? If it’s longer than a few minutes, or it even lasts days, then it’s time to declutter and organize. Now, for some, this sign may just refer to the idea that your home could really just use a good clean-up. But even then, an unclean home shouldn’t make finding something last longer than a day. If you and the other people in your house don’t know where things are, then it’s time to purge.

You have junk drawers

If you have a junk drawer, just because you struggle to find a spot for the little stuff, then that’s fine. But if you have more than one junk drawer, then it’s time to get rid of clutter. Chances are a lot of those items can either be trashed or donated!

You don’t need to unpack

When you just get back from a trip and are a bit too exhausted to unpack, but you can last longer than a week or two without those items, then you have too much stuff. Sure, a few days are normal. But if you can go a full two weeks without touching those clothes and toiletries, then there may be a problem. This is where things like duplicates aren’t necessary, as they add more stuff.

You’re embarrassed by your house’s appearance

If you’re planning a get-together and you’re embarrassed about the sight of your place, then it’s time to clean and conquer. The sooner you eliminate those items creating a mess, the better you’ll feel about bringing in people you love. If you want to clean your home, make it easier on yourself by cleaning a clutter-free home!

You buy stuff to organize the clutter

A lot of people “deal” with their clutter by buying more stuff to organize the clutter. Though in the short-term this sounds like a good idea, it actually creates a bigger mess later on. Buying more brings in more clutter. Instead, do yourself a favor and get toss most of the things you considered buying the extra organization for.

Laundry is never-ending

Clothing is a big clutter area in the home. Make your laundry days easier on yourself and donate some of those clothes. Go through your children’s clothes and donate those items that they’ve outgrown. Donate items from your own closet as well—including those pieces that you say you’ll wear, but that you haven’t actually worn in years! Here’s a good idea for those stuck on whether they should donate a piece—if you go through your closet, hanger by hanger each day and make yourself wear a piece, would you like it? Or would you pass over it? If it’s a pass, it’s something to donate!

Drawers, cabinets, and doors won’t close

This sign is truly quite simple—if you can’t close a door or drawer, you need to do something about it. Don’t just stuff everything in. Take the time to get rid of those items that you don’t use and that are taking up too much space. It should take minimal effort to close these places—donate what’s inside if you can’t.

There’s no such thing as a flat surface

If all flat surfaces in your home have disappeared somehow, then it’s time to purge. An organized and clean home tends to really shine through when the surfaces (tables, counters, even floors) are clear of mess. If the table by your computer is overrun by papers, recycle them. If your bathroom sink is full of toiletries, toss some that you don’t use. This will really help your home seem much cleaner!

You haven’t decluttered in over a year

This tip is quite a general decluttering rule of thumb. If you haven’t decluttered, donated, or done a good purge in over a year, then you absolutely need to. A lot happens in a year—we receive, we purchase, and we simply acquire a myriad of items. When you don’t declutter, you hold on to things you don’t need anymore.

What should you do with clutter?

Now, since you’ve figured out that your home has a slight clutter problem, it’s time to do something about it. One of our previous posts talks about getting rid of clutter in your home. We talk about the four-box method, following the one in, one out rule, and more. But most importantly, we establish that the best way to get rid of that mess is by donating those items.

Turn to GreenDrop for all of your donating needs this decluttering session and every session thereafter. We’ll ensure that these items go to a charity you support—from the National Federation of the Blind to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Take the time to clean your clutter this year, and then head to one of our clothing donation drop off locations in New Jersey and various other locations on the East Coast—you’ll be glad you cleaned your home and helped out those in need!

Home Has Too Much Clutter Signs

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