3 helpful tips to follow when donating shoes.

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Is your closet brimming with boots? Can’t resist another pair of pedi-ready sandals? Whether it’s time for a clean-out to make more room or you have shoes you never wear, you should read on. Here are a few helpful tips to follow when donating shoes at a GreenDrop® donation drop-off at Woodbridge or another one of our locations.

Clean shoes, happy thrifters.

Perhaps you can buff out a little scuff with a bit of shoe polish and elbow grease. You might also want to wash dingy laces or sneakers as a whole. Being considerate of the condition of what you’re passing along is really helpful. People will appreciate that effort.

Keep shoes together.

Dig out an elastic band or zip tie to keep shoes together or tie them up in a large plastic bag. Doing this will ensure that a pair stays a pair. A little prep and organization goes a long way. Thank you.

Spruce them up.

Every year, donors like you help keep countless pairs of reusable shoes out of landfills. Donating shoes extends their life and gives thrifters more options to choose from. Another tip to follow when donating shoes is to spruce them up. With a little creativity, such as adding patches, charms, or colorful laces, you can make a one-of-a-kind statement in a snap.

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