3 Key Ways Universities Can Encourage Students to Give Back

Generosity is a trait more should aim to have. There are ways parents can encourage generosity and compassion in young children, but college tends to be a turning point for many. Will students continue their generosity, or will they turn their focus to themselves? However, part of the reason students neglect generous giving is that there is no longer the influence encouraging them to give back to their community. That’s where colleges come in. There are plenty of ways universities can encourage students to give back to their community. Who knows, it may even spark giving back to the college in the future!

Offer Incentives

You want college students to participate? Offer some sort of incentive. Maybe for a month, you ask students to volunteer as often or donate as much as possible. Whoever has the most volunteer hours, or whoever donated the most consistently, gets a gift card to the campus shop. Whatever challenge you offer, ensure the focus is around generosity and giving—from there, you can choose whatever incentive that works best.

This is something that can work even if your university is sticking with distanced learning for a while. You can have students send in donation receipts or take pictures of their volunteer hours—even if it’s not on campus, you can still create a culture of generosity.

Require Volunteer Hours for Clubs

Another way universities can encourage students to give back can be through clubs and activities on campus. Many schools require each club participant to submit volunteer hours at the end of each term or semester. This is something any university can implement to ensure that those participating in events are giving back to the community around them!

In a similar sense, clubs could be started that are centered solely around different volunteering experiences. In the fall, there could be a leaf-raking club—it may not be the most exciting club name, but it offers a place for students to turn when they want to give back.

Partner With Local Organizations

If you’re looking for additional ways to get students interested in giving back, then try to partner with local non-profit organizations. For example, there are more than a few universities that have partnered with GreenDrop for clothing drives and end of year pickup of Student discards. When those schools host clothing drives or anything similar, GreenDrop can come and pick up those donations. It’s a similar idea that any university can do—partner up with local non-profit organizations so that the students see a specific way their generosity is making an impact.

Play with different ideas to get your students to give back—there are always new methods for how to get students involved and excited. Generosity is a trait that’ll help them grow into adulthood. If this is something your university is interested in, reach out to GreenDrop. We have clothing donation sites in Laurel, MD, and a wide variety of other locations. Reach out now!