5 Household Items You Can Donate After a Kitchen Renovation

Food donations on wooden background, top view with copy space

Renovating your kitchen is such an amazing feat. You spent weeks, or even months, designing, planning, and going through the construction. Now that it’s all done and your kitchen looks beautiful, what do you do with all your old stuff? Well, you can donate a lot of it! Here are five household donations you can give to charity foundations from your old kitchen.


If you bought new utensils to go with your brand new kitchen, your old ones would make perfect charitable donations. You can donate your flatware, cooking utensils like spatulas and spoons, silverware, glasses, mugs, cups, serving plates, and trays. You would be surprised how a set of silverware can help someone in need. The same thing goes for cups and utensils.


When you update your kitchen, it’s not unusual to get all new cookware. Maybe all your pots, pans, glassware, and other bakeware were red in color before, but your new kitchen is blue. You probably want your things to match. Instead of throwing out your old cookware, you can make a donation and help out a family in need.


Before you ripped out your old cabinets, you probably had to take all your old Tupperware out of that messy cupboard, and you probably realized you have more than you need or use. Have you ever been without a Tupperware container or even a storage jar to put your leftovers in? If you have, then you can appreciate how much it would mean to a family in need to receive that kind of donation.


Many charity organizations take appliances, but not all. They typically have to be smaller appliances like microwaves, coffee makers, electric griddles, blenders, and toasters. As long as they are still in usable condition, you can donate them. Someone near you probably needs one of these small kitchen appliances and would be incredibly happy to receive your old one.


Furniture makes great household donations for non profit organizations. If you replaced the stools that go with your island, kitchen dining set, or any other type of end table or plant stand, then your old ones can be donated to charity. As long as it weighs less than 50 pounds, you’re good!

Not only will your household donations help others, but it can help you a little bit too. For example, donating a coffee maker can get you about a $4 to $15 tax write-off. So, you might be able to recoup just a little bit of what you spent on your renovation. Plus, it will make you feel great to be helping other families in need.