5 Simple Charitable New Year’s Resolution Ideas

The New Year comes with plenty of room for growth and positive change. Though it is an excellent time to start the things you procrastinated on, it’s also the perfect opportunity to create a more charitable lifestyle. Yes, a new decade provides you the opportunity to make some selfish changes for the betterment of you; however, it also gives you the chance to support the betterment of others. If that’s something you want to do, take a look at some of our favorite charitable New Year’s resolution ideas—positive growth for you and others is just around the corner!

Donate Consistently

Donating is one of the best ways to give back to your community and those in need. This new year, take the time each month to donate. A consistent donation will reduce the clutter in your home, and it will also provide necessary items for those in need. Whether you choose to donate clothes or home goods, just know that when you partner with organizations such as GreenDrop, your donation matters.

Mentor the Youth

Believe it or not, we all have skills that we can impart upon the younger generation. If you really want to help out those in your community, donate your time and your skills to children. Various nonprofit organizations will help you build a relationship with a child in need and make a positive impact on their lives. Who knows—it could make a massive difference in your life as well.

Volunteer Once a Month

Another wonderful way to start the New Year (and continue it) is by actively volunteering. Sure, it’s lovely that you volunteered at the soup kitchen during the holidays, but they still need your help now. Many soup kitchens and shelters need more help during this season. So make yourself an active volunteer and continue to show up as the year goes on.

Give Blood

Probably one of the simplest ways to make an impact on someone else’s life is to donate blood. It’s as effective as it is simple. Just one donation can help save up to three lives in a year—this idea ensures that you can help others. Sign up for the next blood drive or start your own!

Clean Up the Neighborhood

Last, but definitely not least, we suggest that you add cleaning up the neighborhood to your resolution list. Before you complain about how much litter there is on the streets, think about how you could change it. Organize a litter pick-up for your neighborhood, and watch your neighbors come together to help your environment. Sometimes all it takes is a small step for you and positive growth and change will abound.

GreenDrop is the place for you to turn to for all your home good and clothing donations in Aston, PA. In fact, we have several locations throughout the East Coast and would love to be a part of your charitable New Year’s resolution — drop off a donation at a GreenDrop donation center or schedule a home pick-up today!