6 Impactful Ways to Help Veteran Families

Just because Veteran’s Day has come and gone doesn’t mean that veterans don’t deserve the same love and support. If you want to start your new year on a charitable foot, think about how you can continue to support veterans throughout the year. In fact, there are plenty of different ways to help veteran families, and we have a few of our favorites listed below—check them out!

Send a Care Package

Many people think about sending care packages to veterans and active-duty military members during the holidays, but it’s also a wonderful way to lend support year-round. These care packages will most likely include items that you would send to active-duty troops—snacks, books, hygiene items, personal letters of thanks, and more. Reach out to your local VA program and see if they can pass on your package to a veteran’s family.

Help Build Homes

There are actually quite a few organizations you can turn to if you want to be a part of building homes for veterans. For example, Building Homes for Heroes and Homes for Our Troops both build or modify homes to suit the needs of injured veterans. You can help with carpentry, plumbing, wiring, painting, and more! It’s a great way to help out the veterans and their families.

Drive a Veteran to a Doctor’s Appointment

A big struggle for a lot of vets and their families is getting to and from doctor’s appointments. A lot of families aren’t able to take off work or leave school early in order to take their loved one to their appointments—that’s where you come in. There are a few different networks you can turn to that will coordinate volunteers to drive veterans to and from their medical appointments. You’ll help get them there and back—and, you’ll get to have meaningful conversations with them, as well.


Now, we kept this tip a bit broader because there a plenty of ways to donate and help out veterans simultaneously. For example, when you donate clothes and home goods to GreenDrop, we turn those donations into monetary ones for the Military Order of the Purple Heart. But there are even more options for giving! You can give your own money to similar organizations, you can donate your time to VA hospitals—the possibilities are endless.

Sponsor a Flight

Our nation has quite a few different memorials honoring veterans’ efforts. Sadly, a lot of said veterans are not able to visit them. You can help make that happen by sponsoring flights for veterans and their families, with an organization such as Honor Flights.

Get Involved in a VA Program

Another one of the simplest ways to help veterans and their families is simply by joining a local veterans’ assistance program. Programs like these provide support for veteran families in various ways, so when you join the program, you’ll find endless opportunities to help.

When it comes to home goods and clothing donations in PA, turn to GreenDrop. We’ll make sure your donations are put to good use and support the Military Order of the Purple Heart. It’s a great way to support veterans and their families—donate now!