A Complete Guide To Organizing Your Closet

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If there’s one thing we can all get behind, it’s that having a clean home is better than having a dirty and cluttered one. While this is easy to say, putting it into practice is usually much more difficult. Take your closet, for example. Most of us have closets full of extra clothes and accessories that we no longer wear or haven’t worn in a long time. Looking at these bursting closets can be a little stressful and make you want to start over fresh. If you think it’s time to start putting everything in its proper place, this complete guide to organizing your closet will help you get started and stay on track.

Gather Your Supplies

Before you really start to dig into the work ahead of you, it will help to make sure you don’t need to stop and gather more stuff in the middle of the process. The supplies you need will depend on what you’re planning to do with the clutter in your closet. When you’ve gathered everything you need, you can start the process in earnest. Here are a few items that will help you get started:

  • Boxes to help sort through clothes quickly
  • Sturdy shopping or garbage bags
  • A measurement tool to help you know how much space you have
  • A basket to throw miscellaneous objects in
  • A mirror to try on clothes you’re unsure about

Use the Multi-Box Method

The method we’re referring to here involves having labeled boxes for what you will do with the clothes you put inside of them. You’ll most likely want four of these, at least. One box for items that you will definitely be keeping, another box for items that you wish to sell or donate, one box for items that can be recycled, and a final box for anything that is unequivocally trash. Make sure to put large labels on these boxes so you don’t get them mixed up. The last thing you want is to accidentally donate all your good clothes.

Completely Empty Your Closet

The reason you’ll want to have those boxes before you begin is that you’ll be completely emptying your closet so you can start from scratch. If you do not follow this process you may leave way more stuff inside your closet than you would prefer. Take the time to go through every piece and really decide if it’s worth keeping or if it could make someone else happy. Once you have a completely empty closet, reorganizing it will be much easier and go much more smoothly than trying to jam things in where they happen to fit.

Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go

Arguably the hardest part about cleaning out your closet is letting go of clothes and accessories that might have once meant a lot to you. This wouldn’t be a complete guide to organizing your closet if we didn’t address the very real feelings of loss one can feel when decluttering. Part of the reason the multi-box method is so important is that it allows you to let go of things without having to throw them in the trash. Your clothing donations can be a huge help to someone who is in need, so you can feel good about letting go of your old possessions.

Clean the Closet Top To Bottom

When we say clean, we mean clean with cleaning products. Chances are that if your closet has been clogged with stuff for a while, a lot of dust and dirt has settled inside. Before you go and start putting all your nice clothes back in the closet, you’ll want to give it a thorough scrub with some cleaning spray and a towel. Make sure to also vacuum the floor and dust any cobwebs away. Having your closet be squeaky clean will let you better visualize how you want to set it back up.

Get Some New Closet Organizing Equipment

One big reason your closet probably got so cluttered in the first place is because you didn’t have any organizational equipment helping you keep everything in its place. Don’t underestimate the impact that having a few dividers and extra baskets can have on the organization of your closet. There are some products you can buy that will transform your entire closet into a beacon of efficiency, but don’t worry too much if they’re out of your price range. Buying a simple door organizer or a new shoe rack can go a long way in preventing piles of clothes and shoes from building up.

Separate and Organize Your Clothes

Once you have the basic outline of how the closet will look, you can finally start the task of separating and categorizing the clothing that you’ve decided to keep. Remember to keep similar types of clothes together to start. Separate by pants, shoes, shirts, belts, scarves, and whatever other category of clothes you may have. There are a few extra organization tips we can give you as well:

  • Once everything is separated, keep the categories in mind as you find places to put the items. Don’t separate similar things onto different shelves if you can help it.
  • Pieces that don’t see a lot of use, such as seasonal wear or super formal clothing, should be kept out of the way of clothes that you more regularly wear. Tuck them in the higher or further back portions of your closet
  • Organize your clothes by how often you wear them. Keep the clothes that you always reach for first right in the center of the closet, so they are easy to grab. This way, you can slowly work outwards through your wardrobe, making it easier to keep organized.


All the organizing and cleaning in the world won’t help if your closet looks like a mess a week after you’re done. The important thing to remember about cleaning out your closet is that it should help you continue these habits in the future. This is why you want to find a system that works for you, not just one that looks good. You’ll be more inclined to continue on the path of cleanliness if you make it easier on yourself.

Organizing your closet may seem to some like a monumental task, but you can do it with a little time and diligence. GreenDrop is your place to call for clothing pickup once you’ve figured out which clothes to keep and which to donate. We’ll make sure those clothes end up in the right hands, so they can help out someone who really needs them.

A Complete Guide To Organizing Your Closet

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