A Short Guide to Apartment Donation Pick-Up

When you live in a small space like an apartment, any extra clutter can make your home seem much smaller than it is. To combat that problem, make sure to clean out and donate unused items as often as necessary so that you can fully maximize your space.

Where do I go to donate? Or who’s going to pick it up? These are questions you may be running into once you actually sort through things and made your donation pile.

In the past, donating from an apartment was a bit tougher than donating from a home. Because more often than not, charity organizations that pick-up donations wouldn’t come to apartments. Thankfully, with organizations like GreenDrop, that issue has shifted and started to absolve. So, if you don’t want to take all of your things to a GreenDrop drop-off location, take a look at this short guide to apartment donation pick-up—you won’t want to miss it!

Steps to Take for Apartment Donation Pick-Up

Compile Your Donations

Your first step to an apartment donation pick-up is compiling your items. You should make sure clothes fit nicely in plastic bags and breakables are wrapped in newspapers before placing them in boxes. This will make it easier on those picking up your donations. If you hope to give away furniture, most organizations will only pick up smaller pieces, like lamps and wooden chairs. The easier you make it for someone to pick up your items, the more donations they’ll likely be able to take.

It’s also a good idea to reach out to neighbors and other apartment residents to see if they have anything to donate. A large amount of donations neatly placed in one area makes it more likely for a truck to pick up your things.

Talk to Your Property Manager

That said, you should talk to your property manager before donating. See if they can organize something, or even talk to the donation pick-up organization to see if there’s a specific area they would like to pick up. Better yet, your property manager could end up setting up a monthly pick-up date and time with GreenDrop. This will allow for everyone to place their donations at the designated spot, which makes it easier for the pick-up person.

Schedule a Pick-Up

Finally, once you’ve talked to the property manager, either you or they can call GreenDrop or go online to schedule a donation pick-up. Make sure that all of the donations are out there in a timely manner on the day of pick-up. That way, you’ll know that your donations will be picked up and are on their way to help out national charitable organizations.

If you have any questions about GreenDrop and setting up an apartment donation pick-up, call us now at (888)-944-3767, or email us at info@gogreendrop.com. Happy donating!