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4 Signs it’s Time to Clean Out the Closet and Donate Your Clothes

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Do you have a closet full of clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Here are some signs those clothes need to be donated.

It doesn’t fit anymore

When you keep clothes for a long time, it’s likely at some point that they won’t fit anymore. Whether you gained or lost weight, gotten taller or started working out, then your clothes may no longer fit and you are not going to wear them. If you are not going to wear your clothes, it’s time to find clothing drop off locations and donate clothes.

You don’t like it anymore

Many of us have clothes in our closets that we just don’t like anymore. Maybe that shirt isn’t trendy anymore. Maybe your style has evolved, and you are ready for new clothes. Either way, if you don’t like your clothes, it’s time to get them out of your closet because it’s likely that someone in need will like them. If you don’t like what’s in your closet, clothing donations are in your future.

You don’t wear it anymore

For whatever reason, you don’t wear a lot of your clothes anymore. There is a rule of thumb to go by so you can tell when you “don’t wear” something. If you live somewhere with one to two distinct season climates, and you haven’t worn an item of clothing in six months, it’s time to let it go. If you live somewhere where there are four distinct seasons, you have a year to wear something before you need to start looking for clothing drop off locations to donate it.

You have way too many clothes

Do you look in your closet, see tons of hangers with clothes on them, and say, “I have nothing to wear?” That means you have too many clothes. At least, you have too many of the wrong clothes. One person can only wear so many outfits. So, if you find yourself barely wearing some of your wardrobe and it’s just too big, start packing it up to donate.

Every year, Americans donated about 4.7 billion pounds of clothing. If you look in your closet and see clothes that don’t fit, you don’t like, you don’t wear, or just way too much clothes, it’s time to find clothing drop off locations and clean out  our closet. Not only will you declutter your home, but you will be helping those in need as well.

3 Reasons You Should Donate Your Old Clothes Instead of Throwing Them Away

So, you’re ready to clean out your closet. You have a lot of clothes that you don’t wear anymore, and you’re ready to revamp your wardrobe. While you’re doing that, you’re probably wondering what you’re going to do with all the old clothes. Before you throw them in the trash, consider donating them.

It’s much better for the environment

When you donate your clothes, you are saving the environment from a lot of harm. According to the EPA, it costs $45 on average per ton to dispose of waste in a landfill. Clothing that sits in landfill releases toxic greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane into the environment when they break down. Lastly, making new clothes takes hundreds of gallons of water, and the production of new textiles accounts for 10% of all carbon emissions on the planet. All of these things can be avoided if you donate your clothes for reuse.

It helps people in need

Even though you don’t want your old clothes anymore, it’s almost guaranteed that someone else will. There are many people in need of usable clothing. There are disaster victims, underprivileged people, and children in need of clothing, and your donations can help. When you throw away your clothes, they have no chance of reaching people who need them the most.

donate your old cloths

It will give you an ego boost

When you do things for others, something good happens for you too. Doing a good deed like donating your old clothes will make you feel good because you’re doing something for a worthy cause. You’re getting rid of the clutter in your home and helping others at the same time.

Nearly 100% of the textiles in your home can be recycled and donated, regardless of the quality or condition. This means you really have no reason not to donate your old clothes! It’s better for the environment, it helps children in need of clothing, and you’ll feel great. If you’re wondering where to donate household items like clothes, check out our website for clothing drop off locations or to schedule a home pickup.