Can You Donate Home Décor Items to Charity?

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Donation stores help many people find items for which they are looking. Whether it’s a prom dress for their daughter or a new bedframe for their growing toddler, donation and charity facilities offer many valuable items for any demographic. Additionally, many donation facilities and charity centers do fundraisers for various causes, giving back to the community even more.

However, many people ask, “Can you donate home décor items to charity?” The long answer is that it depends on the quality and type of home décor. What pieces of home décor are acceptable, and what are the most valuable items to give away? Fortunately, home décor isn’t only for sitting and looking pretty; it also provides multiple purposes for the owner. Look and see what you might be able to give to your local thrift shop that someone else can use.

What Is Home Décor?

Home décor is simply a term that describes various design elements for every home. It can relate to a theme the homeowner is trying to encapsulate or the feeling they want to engender. People mainly associate it with interior design. Décor pieces can find uses outside of homes as well. They can positively impact various spaces, including hotels and entertainment centers, and provide style and personality.

Home décor pieces add visually appealing and attractive elements to any room in a home. Using them effectively requires a person to consider the physical items and their materials. They must also think about their placement and the color of the room they sit inside. So can you donate home décor items to charity? The short answer is yes, but they can’t be too worn. You must also clean them correctly before giving them to a charity or donation center of your choice.

Types of Home Décor

There are numerous styles of home décor to choose from for every room. The decision a person makes when choosing them depends on their color and style. They may also consider how they’ll physically arrange the decorations in their spaces. Home décor doesn’t always need to be furniture either. Window dressings, artificial house plants, and different types of artworks can also make great donations. Learn more below.

Wall Prints and Art

If you go into any home, you’ll notice a hanging painting here or a framed quote there on the walls. These are great items to donate. Art can make the walls of an interior space more whole and dynamic, creating a unique atmosphere. Large, extravagant pieces can be especially exciting finds for people. So if you have any that you don’t need, you should donate them so that a buyer can pick them up for budget-friendly prices.

When it comes to decorating, adding a painting or other similar piece to the walls can make the home feel livelier and more lived in. Donating wall art and prints helps those who want a little more personality in their homes without breaking the bank.

Carpets and Rugs

A comfortable rug is universally useful. But buying one brand new can be prohibitively expensive. So, if you have any lightly used rugs or carpets to give away, offer them to a charity. Of course, make sure to have them cleaned beforehand. Rugs and carpets help fill up extra floor space and create a comfier feeling in a room.

Rugs also offer extra cushioning for children and toddlers who play on the floor. They prevent scraping from other pieces of furniture and come in various colors. Due to the many roles that it can play, finding the perfect carpet at a local donation center can be a win for someone.

Sculptures and Decorative Bowls

Sculptures and decorative bowls are beautiful accent pieces that improve every space. Small decorative bowls can make excellent jewelry holders near a bedside or act as salt pinch dishes for your dining table. As for larger decorative bowls, they can hold fruit, a homemade potpourri, or other items. They can also look beautiful on a shelf.

Sculptures come in diverse styles, sizes, themes, materials, and colors. You can find a stunning wooden bird sculpture at any store. However, finding a one-of-a-kind piece at a charity facility can feel exhilarating. Many talented artists give some of their works to charities, so finding one in person is a truly amazing find. If you have any decorative bowls or sculptures in your possession, an art appreciator will gladly give them a new home.

Throw Blankets and Pillows

Everyone loves a comfortable spot to sit in. Whether it’s a huge couch with plenty of stretching space or a cozy little armchair that hugs you just right, a seat makes or breaks a person’s ability to relax at home. However, adding a beautiful throw blanket and decorative pillows can further increase the coziness level of a room.

If you have any extra blankets or pillows to spare, bring them to your preferred donation center. Make sure to wash them before doing so to prevent the spread of bacteria. A high-quality throw blanket with minor wear makes every couch or seat look livelier and more inviting. Additionally, everyone loves having some blankets and pillows to snuggle with while watching their favorite movies.

Picture Frames

Picture frames serve multiple purposes. For instance, some hold classic family portraits. Meanwhile, shadow box picture frames display prized collectibles. Further, these décor items can keep the memory of loved ones long passed alive or commemorate an event. So, donate your extra picture frames. They’ll make excellent home décor pieces in a home.

Candles and Wax Melts

If there’s one thing a home needs, it’s a pleasing aroma. When you walk through a door, the first thing you tend to notice is how the home smells. So candles and wax melts make fabulous donations at your local charity. They come in many scents and wax blends that suit every home. Not to mention, they can look lovely on a shelf or kitchen counter.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, donating home décor is possible and can help those in need find the best accessories to personalize their homes. The items you give don’t have to be extravagant. Since charity facilities and donation centers provide high-quality home décor for a fraction of the price, the people who eventually purchase them will definitely get good deals.

If you wish to set up a donation pickup today, contact us at GreenDrop. We offer pickup times in the Washington, DC, area. We also partner with four charity foundations to support those in need. You never know what good a high-quality throw blanket can do for a family

Can You Donate Home Décor Items to Charity?

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