Common Clutter Hotspots in the Home To Be Aware Of

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Sometimes, it can seem like clutter pops up all over the place for no reason at all. In truth, there are places that logically make the most sense for why they have lots of clutter. When you know about these areas and do your best to keep them clean, you’ll find that your whole house feels more organized. We’ll give you some of the most common clutter hotspots in the home to be aware of so that you can stay vigilant about not adding to piles of stuff that you find there.

Bedroom Closets

As the largest source of storage in people’s personal rooms, closets everywhere become stuffed full of junk and clutter all the time. Usually, most of this clutter is clothing—specifically clothing you haven’t worn in a long time. You might surprise yourself when you take the time to clean up and organize your bedroom’s closet; it can immediately make your bedroom feel much more relaxing. Another good tip is to go through your closet as the seasons change to remove any unneeded items and get it ready for the next season.

Entry Area

Any area near an entrance into the house tends to get full of stuff very quickly. It makes sense that when you come in from outside, you throw whatever items you don’t need anymore in the closest place. So, these areas can accumulate lots of clutter over enough days. Try to be wary about bringing things into your home that you know you don’t need or will never use.

Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be breeding grounds for clutter because they usually occupy an extremely central place in a room. Everything from cups and mugs to work documents to mail end up on the coffee table. Eventually, you start to lose the ability to see the table once things have piled high enough. When you keep this area clean, though, you make the entire room seem less cluttered and claustrophobic.


The garage is where many things go to become entirely forgotten. Many people don’t see the garage as a fully functional room because of its separated nature. Therefore, we often use it to keep all the extra-large pieces of junk we don’t know what to do with. You may not hang out in your garage very much, but it does gather lots of clutter over time.

Kitchen Drawers

Another common clutter hotspot in the home to be aware of is your kitchen drawers. Kitchens tend to have many drawers for storing utensils, tools, and gadgets. However, one family only has so many utensils that they actually use. Eventually, one of those drawers becomes the “junk drawer.” Remember, if you plan on throwing something in a junk drawer, try to reevaluate how important it is to keep that item around at all.

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