Different Programs the Purple Heart Provides

The Military Order of the Purple Heart spends each day helping and supporting those who have put their lives on the line to protect our country. They help veterans, active service members, families of veterans and active service members, and so many more individuals. In previous posts, we’ve talked about how supporting the Purple Heart is just one of the ways that you can help veterans adjust to civilian life. Today, we’ll delve deeper into just how exactly your support helps power the programs that have helped millions of veterans. Below, you’ll find a short guide to some of the different programs the Purple Heart provides. From the well-known ROTC programs to the wonderful VAVs program, we’ll make sure you understand how your money supports those who need it most.


The program that many high school and college students know of and take part in is that of Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). It’s offered at more than 1,700 colleges and universities across the U.S. and prepares these young adults to become officers in the military. It strives to set a high standard for young Patriots.


VAVS stands for the Veterans Affairs Volunteer Service—it’s a program that’s committed to engaging American citizens in service throughout the summer months. It strives to provide lasting benefits to veterans and the communities they live in. This program is in effect throughout the VA medical center system, and the volunteers who help support all levels of patient care and support.

National Legislative Program

The National Legislative Program is a way to listen to the needs of veterans and their families. This program works to make a difference on the legislation that affects veterans and their families. It allows the Military Order of the Purple Heart to take official positions on legislation in Congress when it comes to the things that will affect veterans.

Veterans Advocacy Program

This program makes complete sense for the organization—it’s committed to serving veterans. However, though the membership for this program is restricted to combat-wounded men and women, they still support all veterans. It provides specialized training, technical assistance, and resources to improve the outcomes of veterans in various situations.


This is probably one of the lesser-known programs of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. The Americanism program’s purpose is to work with schools and other organizations in order to promote U.S. history. It’s quite simple, but it makes a huge impact!

Service Program

The last program we’ll discuss is that of the Service Program, which is by far the largest of the MOPH’s programs. The program operates nationwide across a network of over 70 offices and exists to assist all veterans, their dependents, widows, and orphans. The program works with the VA and encourages those who aren’t a member of the Purple Heart to seek assistance. They process veterans’ claims for compensation, medical care, education, job training, pension, employment, housing, and so much more.

How You Can Support These Programs

If you want to support the magnificent work that these programs accomplish, it’s important that you volunteer and donate. You can volunteer for some of these programs, and when you donate to GreenDrop, you’re supporting these programs in various ways. Schedule a clothes donation drop-off or pick-up in Wilmington, DE, and we’ll make sure your donations are turned into a monetary donation that will truly help the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Make a difference with GreenDrop!