Donating Items To Charity: Dos and Don’ts

People who have volunteered to sort through donations before know that there are some things to look out for because not everyone knows what they can and cannot donate. Even if the item itself is fine, it might not be in usable condition. If you make regular donations, you probably want those donations to make a real impact. Here are a few dos and don’ts when donating items to charity that you should be aware of.

Do… Inspect Everything Closely

Whether you are giving clothes, furniture, or home goods, thoroughly check each donation for any major flaws. If you find significant problems like holes in shirts or breaks in furniture, discard those items rather than donating them.

Don’t… Donate Things That Aren’t Useful

Use your best judgment and really think about your potential donations. Jeans with large holes in them might be fashionable, but they’re not very useful for someone in desperate need of warm clothes. Similarly, never donate anything broken or missing pieces.

Do… Call Ahead and See What They Need

If you want to be sure that your donation will be useful, you can always call ahead and ask. Most places will have a list of items they need or are running low on. Keep these in mind when donating to make the most significant difference possible.

Don’t… Leave Your Items Unattended

If there is no designated drop-off point and no one there to pick up your donations, don’t leave them unattended outside somewhere. Charities can’t accept donations in this way, and you leave the items vulnerable to theft.

Do… Test Electronics

If you’re donating an electronic device of some kind, such as a gadget, toy, or appliance, always be sure that it is still working. Also, make sure to include anything that the electronic needs to continue working, such as power cords.

Don’t… Donate Something You Wouldn’t Gift To Someone

If you’re unsure about a donation’s validity, try to imagine that you are giving that item directly to the person who may need it. It might feel a little bit different if you were looking into their eyes. Don’t donate anything that you wouldn’t be okay with giving to someone directly.

GreenDrop knows that our donors want to make as much of a difference in this world as they can. That’s why we’ve provided these charity donation dos and don’ts. If you have household items or clothing donations in Alexandria, VA, GreenDrop would be glad to receive your donations and put them to good use.