Don’t toss it, GreenDrop it!

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Fact:  about 1 in 3 people think it’s easier to throw their gently used items away instead of donating them. If you agreWoman clearing out her closet of clothese with the statement below then we have a solution for you!

GreenDrop offers donors a fast and convenient way to donate their gently used clothing and household goods. With multiples channels for donations donors have the option of visiting one our drive-up locations or scheduling a pickup from their home. Either way, the GreenDrop team handles all the logistics and heavy lifting.

If the ease of charitable giving isn’t enough to sway you, donating also creates the following benefits:






Donations are tax-deductible:
Whether you come to us or we come to your home we will provide you with a tax-receipt from the charity of your choosing.

Help the environment:
When you donate to GreenDrop you help keep over 100 tons of lightly used clothing and household goods from ending up in a landfill.

Keep your home organized:
Donating items you no longer need helps clear the clutter from your life!

Help victims of disasters:
Through our new program with the American Red Cross your gently used items are converted in funds to help provide resources for disaster relief.

There are so many benefits to donating. Why not give it a try today?

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