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Charity organizations and their collection partners accept a wide variety of items as donations. Even though people donate thousands of items every year, it’s sadly not enough. Here are essential items donation centers can always use.

Household donations

Household donations are in high demand. You can donate items like cosmetics, toiletries (unopened and unused), blankets, pillows, umbrellas, sunglasses, and more. Hygiene products and first aid items can always be useful.

Clothes donations

All over the country, people are in need of clothes. They need outerwear as well as underwear. Socks are also essential because they are often high-need clothing items that are the least donated. It’s time to donate clothes and help your charity foundations.

Small furniture

Small furniture is often needed by people who are just moving into a place of their own. As long as the items weigh less than 50 pounds, you can donate end tables, coffee tables, wooden chairs, lamps, night stands, and more.

Bags and boxes

Charities receive many donations each and every day, but most people don’t think about donating their boxes and bags. These items can make life easier on volunteers who pick up donations from homes and drop-off boxes. The next time you go grocery shopping or receive a package from your online shopping sprees, don’t throw your boxes or bags away—donate them instead.

Your time

There are many charities around the country that operate effectively because of their volunteers. If you have the extra time, volunteering at a charity organization will not only help others around you, but it will benefit you too. You will derive a great deal of satisfaction knowing that you are helping those in need.

Nearly 100% of household textiles and clothing can be recycled, regardless of the quality or condition. You can donate clothes, small furniture, household items, and your time to charitable organizations. They will all make a huge difference to those in need.

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