FAQs About Military Order of the Purple Heart Donations And Charitable Donations!

Donating your used goods to any organization is a great way to recycle items, rather than unnecessarily flooding landfills even further. There are organizations that take donations a step further by supporting specific groups of people in need. To help combat veterans when they’ve returned to the United States, the Military Order of the Purple Heart utilizes people’s unwanted goods. Find the answers to your questions about how Purple Heart donations work and what you can do to help!

  1. What exactly is the Military Order of the Purple Heart?
    The Military Order of the Purple Heart is a charity that Congress chartered to support military women and men who have received the Purple Heart Medal for wounds they suffered while in combat. Membership for the Purple Heart is restricted to those who were wounded in combat specifically, but the charity supports all veterans and their families through a variety of programs across the country. The Military Order of the Purple Heart chose GreenDrop to assist in raising donation and funds to support its members in need.
  2. Are Purple Heart donations given directly to veterans?
    When you make a donation of your used goods to benefit the Purple Heart, you’re not donating goods to the veterans, but rather generating usable funds to support them. By making donations of clothing or household goods through GreenDrop, the charitable organization is able to sell those goods to local thrift stores. The Military Order of the Purple Heart receives the funds from those sales and uses them to support veterans and their families nationwide.
  3. What donations are accepted by the Purple Heart?
    As charitable donations for the Purple Heart are made through a donation center, the guidelines for donations are virtually the same. You can donate gently worn clothing, textiles, shoes, luggage, household goods, yard tools, and more. When you donate items, make sure they are in good enough condition that someone else would be happy to use them. If your goods are torn or too worn, find other eco-friendly ways to recycle them, as nearly 100% of household textiles and clothing can be recycled in one way or another, regardless of their condition. Some items that cannot be accepted by GreenDrop are objects that weigh more than 50 pounds, large appliances, furniture, and tube televisions.

If you have recently cleaned out your closets or are planning to do so soon, consider donating your goods to an organization like GreenDrop and the Military Order of the Purple Heart that will be able to use them to help others.