How Are Donated Clothes Organized Once Collected?

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Perhaps you have a collection of clothing you don’t want to throw in the trash. Instead, you keep it stored away in your closet with the dust bunnies. Rather than doing this, though, you can give away your clothing as donations to help those in need. Additionally, there are plenty of donation options to choose from.

However, clothing needs organization, whether people donate to charity foundations or visit local donation bins. So how are donated clothes organized once collected? Find out below. At the end of the day, your contribution does a world of good for those in need, leaving you feeling like a part of something bigger.

How Donated Clothing Gets Sorted

Once you drop off your donations, staff will collect the clothing into tubs, skids, and boxes to make it more manageable. The team will sort through the donations, checking for imperfections such as:

  • Stains
  • Holes
  • Tears
  • Faded graphics

From there, any clothing that has become unuseable will get placed into a pile dedicated to recycling. After collecting the useable clothing, workers will sort it into categories – women’s, men’s children’s clothing etc. From there, they’ll hang it up on hangers, price it and then put it on sales racks.

Donation Locations

Luckily, finding where to donate goods isn’t tricky. You can physically visit a donation center, find a drop-off bin while you run errands, or schedule a pick-up service through a donation company.

Charity Donations

It isn’t anything new to visit your local secondhand store and donate your clothing there. Many large company charities remain nonprofit, receiving mainly fabrics and textiles as donations. Once you’ve contributed to the charity, the employees sort through clothing items based on quality and cleanliness.

It’s how donated clothing gets organized once collected by thrift shops and secondhand charity stores. If anything remains unbought, it is recycled into rags or base material. It can also travel overseas for re-sale.

Donation Locations

Knowing where to donate in your area is much simpler than you’d think. If you need to find a location for clothing donations in Essex, MD, look no further than GreenDrop. We ensure that your donations get thoroughly sorted and presented so they may be purchased by those in need. We will make sure your donation will go to great use in the community.

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