How Does the Red Cross Help After a Fire?

The American Red Cross has helped people in our country and around the world for years. Whether it’s after a natural disaster or by running blood drives, they’ve made a lasting impact on millions of people. In a previous blog, we talked about what the American Red Cross does. One of the biggest impacts they make as an organization is their disaster relief. This can mean a variety of things, but today we’re going to discuss the question many people have—how does the Red Cross help after a fire? From house fires to the perilous wildfires, learn more about how much of an impact this organization has.

House Fires

There are two main types of fires that bring in relief, and house fires are one of them. Going through a house fire is a terrifying experience and can lead to horrible aftermaths. The Red Cross hopes to help people in a variety of ways—they offer important resources to keep your home safe from fires as well as home fire relief. This event is an emotionally, mentally, financially, and sometimes physically tolling experience, and the Red Cross provides guides to recovery, like this one on Picking Up the Pieces After a Fire. Though there’s not much they can do to get individual families the money they need, they do a fantastic job providing a wide range of information and help for those who’ve gone through this.


The other type of fire that the Red Cross helps with is wildfires. They spread quickly across forests and fields, giving people and animals little time to evacuate to safety. Similar to house fires, the Red Cross offers a multi-pronged approach to relief. They provide resources on staying prepared and steps to take to protect your family and your home. They also offer tips for staying safe if you’re trapped during a fire, which is something many people don’t think would happen to them. The Red Cross provides that information on the events you think would never affect you.

The biggest area they help with is the relief after wildfires. With all the wildfires that have been happening around the world, the Red Cross has shown just how vital their relief efforts are. In California, for example, Red Cross disaster teams partner with government and community leaders to provide the necessary resources. They provide shelter, food, water, and even cleaning supplies. They strive to help all effected—no one needs to feel alone.

How You Can Help with GreenDrop

If you appreciate all that the American Red Cross does after fires or other disasters, make sure you take the time to support them. An easy and entirely beneficial way to do so is by donating clothes to GreenDrop. Since the American Red Cross is one of our main partners, we’ll take your clothing donations from DE, and our other locations, turn them into a monetary donation, and send it to the Red Cross. We’ll make sure that they’re getting the most out of your donation—you’ll be helping those affected by these disasters in one of the best ways possible!