How Donation Pickup Services Work

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Sometimes, what holds people back from making donations is all the hassle that goes into bagging everything up and dropping it off somewhere. GreenDrop knows that this isn’t always feasible for everyone, especially nowadays. Thankfully, there’s another way to get the excess clutter out of your house. Donation pickup services are becoming more and more popular as a convenient way to donate items that you no longer have a place for. We’ll walk you through how donation pickup services work so that you can feel more comfortable scheduling one.

Gather Your Donations

The first step is all up to you. You’ll need to find at least some of the things you’d like to donate and prepare them for pickup. This step means different things, depending on your donations. Wash and dry any clothes and linens you want to donate. Any furniture needs to be under 50 pounds. Finally, you’ll want to separate your donations into specific piles so that it’s easy to tell what everything is. This process will make it easier for the pickup to separate your donations accordingly.

Give Us a Call

The next step is a simple one—you just need to schedule a pickup with GreenDrop and let us know that you have a donation pickup ready to go. We’ll help you schedule the right time for one of our representatives to arrive at your house and take the donations back to a GreenDrop warehouse. You can choose which of our charities you’d like your donation to benefit, and you’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt as well.

Selling Your Donations

Many people don’t know this about companies that pick-up donations, but our partner charities sell your items to help fund their charitable efforts. We work with 2nd Ave Thrift Superstores who buys your donations from the charity you selected to benefit from your donation. GreenDrop’s partner charities then use the funds to deliver on their mission.

Hopefully, this has cleared up how donation pickup services work. GreenDrop is appreciative of every single donation pickup our donors schedule, and we want to make the process as simple as possible. When the time comes to clean out some of your old items, we’ll be there to take them off your hands.

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