How To Deal With Sentimental Clutter

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Do you have items that you don’t have a real use for but hang onto anyway? Maybe you feel a connection to these items even though they just take up space. These items are what we call sentimental clutter. They serve no purpose for you, but you keep them for emotional reasons. Over time, these items can pile up and become a serious issue. Here, we’ll give you a few strategies on how to deal with sentimental clutter so that you can free yourself from their hold.

Create a Goal for Yourself

Setting a goal for what you want your home to look like or how clean you want it to be will help you decide what to keep. By sticking to the goal that you create for yourself, you galvanize yourself into making the tough choices. Without a clear idea of why you want to get rid of these items, you’re far less likely to follow through.

Determine if Guilt Is a Factor

When we talk about how to deal with sentimental clutter, we often have to ask if guilt is the reason we hold onto things. For example, you might not like the idea of throwing away gifts from other people. If you find that guilt is the only reason you still have something, that’s a good indication that you can let it go. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but you’ll feel much better in the long run.

Keep a Single Token of a Group

One good way to get ahead of clutter in your home is to take only a token part of a group of items. For example, if you inherit a loved one’s collectibles that interested them—but not you—you might feel strange about getting rid of them. You can still enjoy that memory of them by keeping a small piece of the collection, rather than holding onto everything even when you don’t want it.

Donate Rather Than Trash

Throwing something in the garbage never feels like the right thing to do, especially when it comes to sentimental clutter. Donating those items could be the solution. This way, you give the items a new life with someone else who might actually want them instead of letting them collect dust in your home. You’ll get to remove these items without feeling guilty about throwing them in the garbage.

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