How To Donate Old Baby Clothes

It can be both saddening and cheerful to see children grow up and come into their own as adults. Unfortunately, because it seems to happen so fast, there are many things children leave behind as they grow. One of the worst offenders here is their old clothing. Baby clothing can quickly pile up, whether you buy it yourself or receive it as a gift. Rather than toss it away with the trash, you can do some real good with those old baby clothes. Here we’ll look at how to donate old baby clothes so someone else can get the most out of them.

Consider When To Donate

Seasonal clothing items are almost always in demand at thrift stores, especially for children and babies. Hanging on to an old, undersized winter coat from last winter is a waste of a perfectly good coat that someone else could really use. Similarly, bathing suits and swim trunks are just as important during the hotter months.

Stick To Well-Kept Clothes

Though it can be tempting to just throw everything that no longer fits your child into a bag and donate it, know that the most useful pieces are the ones that are still in good condition. This doesn’t mean every piece needs to be like new, but there shouldn’t be any very noticeable tears or holes in the clothing. Also, clothes with large stains are less useful overall.

Wash Before Donation

Make sure your baby’s old clothes are freshly washed and dried before making your donation. While most secondhand stores will also do this, it is common courtesy to take this step yourself as well. This will reduce the chances of anything transmitting any bacteria from your clothes to others’. Remember to use baby-safe detergent for the clothes since you won’t know any allergies another baby might have.

Now that you know how to donate old baby clothes, you can decide how you want to go about doing it. GreenDrop offers both home pickup and convenient drop-off locations. Whether you are dropping off your clothes donations at our Centerville, VA, location, or having us pick up your clothes straight from your house, GreenDrop is proud to serve both you and our community.