How To Donate Old Holiday Decorations

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As the major end of the annual holidays comes to a close, we now find ourselves with an all-too-common problem—figuring out what to do with all those holiday decorations you so lovingly set up. The cleanup can be such a hassle that it’s common to see holiday decorations remain up all throughout the winter. The best way to get rid of decorations you don’t need is by donating them. We’ll show you how to donate old holiday decorations so you don’t need to look at them all the way through January and February.

Holiday Lights

No matter what holiday you celebrate, putting up lights is a time-honored tradition of the season. When it’s time to get them down however, that’s when you have the annoying job of figuring out what to do with them. You can donate those lights to many secondhand stores, as people use them for lighting purposes outside of holidays. Just make sure there aren’t any frayed wires or blown out bulbs.

Plastic Yard Decorations

The plastic in these kinds of decorations can make recycling them quite a chore. Instead, consider donating them. As long as they’re in good condition and still work as intended, secondhand stores can sell them any time of the year. A common practice is to put these out during the off season for a lower price so more people can have access to them when the holidays roll around again.

Inflatable Yard Decorations

Given that inflatable yard decorations are usually made of nylon, you really shouldn’t throw them in the garbage. Nylon doesn’t break down very easily. Giving away your nylon inflatables is one of the best ways to donate old holiday decorations. Simply make sure their motors still work and there aren’t any rips or tears. They can definitely still be useful to someone else.


You might be surprised to learn that Christmas ornaments are useful beyond the Christmas season. We will gladly take any old ornaments that you no longer want so that another person could use them on their own tree. As long as they aren’t damaged in any way, your ornaments might just make their way onto someone else’s tree next year.

Almost any kind of holiday decoration can be donated, provided that it’s in good condition. GreenDrop accpets holiday decorations every year on behalf of our charity partners. We’ll gladly take them off your hands; all you need to do is schedule a donation pick up today and you won’t even need to leave your home to have those decorations taken away.

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