How to extend your service: Becoming a Society of St Vincent de Paul member

GreenDrop_SVDPHowTo_ImageIt’s been seven months since announcing our partnership with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia, and we couldn’t be more proud of the community’s support for our newest partner charity!

From donating on behalf of SVdP to making a stop at one of our many Parish Clothing Drives, our donors have truly been living by the Society of St Vincent de Paul motto, “neighbors helping neighbors.”

Since we’ve received so much interest in our efforts with the Society of St Vincent de Paul from the Philadelphia community, we want to help those looking to extend their service beyond just making donations through GreenDrop, by becoming members of Society of St Vincent de Paul.

It’s simple to increase your charitable works and become a “Vincentian,” but first, you should decide which type of membership you wish to pursue: Active, Associate, or Contributing. While each type of membership aims at enhancing faith and service throughout the community, each varies in requirements and service applications.

  • Active Members are required to be practicing Catholics and participate  in Society of St Vincent de Paul meetings, charitable activities, and religious observances.
  • Associate Members do not have to be Catholic but, they are required to participate, as they are able, in the charitable works of the Society.
  • Contributing Members are recognized as members for their consistent donations and require no formal action for enrollment.

Once you have chosen, make a member request by reaching out to your local Conference President.

(Note: If you cannot determine or locate a conference, please call the Central Office Council at 484-704-7153 for further directions).

From there, the Conference will review your interests, qualifications, and background information to determine if your interests, etc are in line with Society of St Vincent de Paul’s mission. If appropriate, you will be accepted and welcomed into your local Society of St Vincent de Paul family!

As a new member of Society of St Vincent de Paul, you will be invited to attend the Ozanam Orientation, which is a program that introduces new Vincentians to the Society of St Vincent de Paul message and applications with the poor, providing an overview of the history, spirituality, organization, and current endeavors of the Society.
If there isn’t a Society of St Vincent de Paul Conference close to you, don’t worry! You can start your own Conference by following these few steps:

  • Receive permission from your pastor or executive
  • Contact the Society of St Vincent de Paul Central Council’s office , 484-704-7153 to schedule a “recruitment drive”
  • Personally invite new members to join as well as public appeals for membership
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting for those who expressed an interest in joining your Conference
  • Elect a president for your Conference and appoint officers
  • Schedule Ozanam Training for the new conference membership
  • Meet with your Conference at least twice each month
  • Continue to serve your neighbors in need

Whether you are looking to become a Society of St Vincent de Paul member, start your own Conference, or simply donate your unwanted goods to GreenDrop on behalf of the Society, we hope this post provides you with some additional information and allows you to continue your good works throughout the community!