How To Give Back as a Business

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If you’ve found this article, it probably means you are part of a business that wants to give back to its community. Whether your business is a multi-branch conglomerate or a simple sole proprietorship, you should feel good about the fact that you want to help. Businesses of all kinds owe their successes to the customers that buy their products or hire their services, so it makes sense to give back to those customers whenever you can. Giving back as a business is a little bit more involved than making donations as an individual. This guide on how to give back as a business should give you some ideas for where to start.

Offer Your Services To the Community

The form this takes will change drastically based on what your business actually does. However, offering your services to the community at large can garner a lot of positive public opinion about your business. You could potentially take on a mentorship program for those in need or offer shipping services for free to specific charities. Whatever you’re able to do that already works within the structure of your business will help more people than just you and your employees. The connections you make between your company and its potential customers create a loop of fantastic feedback and positive energy that will benefit both parties.

Sponsor a Local Fundraiser

When the community around you dedicates itself to a cause, be sure that you and your business show up, too. It’s important to know the issues that your community is facing and ask how you can be of assistance. Sponsoring fundraisers is a great way for a business to show that they really care about the issue at hand. Just be sure that your donation is sincere and impactful; many fundraisers rely on companies like yours to bring in the significant amounts of money necessary to make a difference. If you want to do even more good and get even more positive feedback, make sure that your business is at the fundraiser in a physical sense as well.

Have a Donation Matching Campaign

Donation matching, if you’re unfamiliar with the practice, is the idea of donating the same amount of money to a cause from your own budget as you collect from external sources. For example, if someone donates $100 to a cause of your choosing, your business will also donate $100 of its own money to the same cause. This practice creates more connections between the business and its customers and allows your customers to feel a sense of ownership over your company. You may want to have a visual counter or scale of how much money people from the community have raised and how much your company has matched so that people can see the impact that you’re creating.

Allow for Paid Volunteering Time

If you’re going to talk the talk, you had better also walk the walk. If you’re going to present charitable giving as a highly valued part of your business, you need to show how important it is to everyone employed by you. More and more companies nowadays are offering paid volunteer time to their employees. Not only does this make your business a much more attractive place to work, but it also encourages all your employees to feel like they can take time off to give back in their own ways. It creates a company environment that values giving back, attracting the right kind of employees to your business—ones who share your values.

Create a Volunteering Day

One of the best ways to give back as a business is to schedule a charitable event to occur in the workweek. Whether it’s a highway cleanup, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or providing services to those in need, you can make this more effective by scheduling specific, company-wide days when these events will happen. By dedicating an entire day (or a few days throughout the year) to giving back, you’ll develop your business into one that values its community and the people within it.

Sign up for Events as a Company

A great example of this is a charity run or race. Instead of just a few employees joining the event on their own, join the run as a company team. This type of event allows you to give back as a business while also improving the relationships between your employees and allowing them space and time to bond. It also helps the event, as companies can usually bring in more people and more money than any one individual could on their own.

Hire Those Who Want To Help

You won’t be able to give back anything as a company if you yourself are the only one giving. If giving to charity is a value that you hold dear for your business, you’ll need to make sure to keep that in mind as you hire additional help. Make sure that you vet each employee to make sure their values and dedication regarding community involvement line up with your own. Pay special attention to candidates who list their volunteer work on their resumes. By doing this, you’ll create a giving team that shares your passion for helping others, which means they’ll be more likely to help when the time comes to give back.

Remember That Money Isn’t Your Only Option

If you run or work in a smaller company and can’t afford to make large cash donations, you are not out of luck. Giving back takes many forms and doesn’t always have to come in the form of cash. Donating some of your actual products or, as stated above, offering discounted services to charitable organizations is another fantastic way to help. Even donating your old furniture from a remodel or expansion can be helpful to some people.

GreenDrop works with many different charitable organizations to make sure that your donations count. Whether you’re interested donating to the American Red Cross, giving back to the military, or helping those who are differently abled, GreenDrop is here to make your contributions count. Give us a call with any questions regarding how your business can help, and we’ll be glad to assist you.

How To Give Back as a Business

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