How To Give the Gift of Donations This Holiday Season

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As the holidays approach around the corner, you probably have an idea of what you want to give your loved ones as gifts. Maybe you have a few toys, cars to give your favorite nephew, or a sentimental photo set for your grandparents. It’s the season of sharing your appreciation with loved ones and those who remain close to you.

However, what about the people who don’t have families to celebrate with? Even more so, what about those who don’t have the means to provide gifts for their families? Luckily, they don’t have to miss out this year. Here are a few ways for how to give the gift of donations this holiday season. That way, no one has to miss out on celebrating with their loved ones and have nothing but smiles across their faces.

Contribute Towards a Local Fundraiser

It’s no surprise many holiday celebrations revolve around preparation. You probably have to visit your local grocery store at some point to get the necessary supplies to make that delicious green bean casserole everyone loves. You see a small donation box to support a local fundraiser as you find everything and prepare to check out. This is now an opportune time to give back to those in need by contributing a small amount of money.

Donating money towards a local fundraiser can help specific drives and projects to help those during the holidays. Whether it’s for someone going through major surgery or to feed the homeless, donating money can do wonders for people.

Give Away Canned Goods for Food Drives

One of the most significant contributions to learning how to give the gift of donations this holiday season is giving away canned goods for local food drives. Canned foods are non-perishable and can last on a shelf for years to come. If you have plenty of canned goods you haven’t touched, load up a bag and visit your local food drive to donate.

There are plenty of food banks and drives that will gladly accept your donation. It’s also a great way to reduce food waste and provide families in need. You can also buy plenty of canned goods at your local grocery store and give them away, as well. They tend to be inexpensive, and you can bulk purchase plenty of canned goods.

Donate Pet Food To Local Shelters

While you donate food and money towards fundraisers towards helping people, consider looking at your local animal shelters. Most animal shelters run as non-profits with all the money made towards food, water, and care. Check your local social media or news outlets to see if any local shelters are in dire need of supplies.

You can visit your local pet store and buy the supplies needed. After you make your purchase, you can drop it off or have it delivered to the shelter of your choosing. Whether for dogs and cats, aviary pets, or even reptiles, contributing the necessary goods animals need helps them further find their forever home.

Donate Clothing To a Local Charity

While many friends and loved ones receive clothing for their holiday presents, plenty of others don’t get anything at all. Often, homeless families don’t have the necessary gear to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions. So, go through your untouched clothing or visit your local clothing retailer and buy clothes to donate.

You can find plenty of charities that accept clean and lightly worn clothing as a donation to help homeless families and those who need seasonal gear. Maybe those winter boots you own haven’t been touched in a long time, so consider giving them away to someone who needs them more. You can even find many donation centers along the eastern coast, including donation centers in Pennsylvania. So, check your local area to see where you can contribute.

Donate Toys To Local Children’s Hospitals

Often, some families remain at hospitals during the holiday season. Whether they go under chemotherapy or have to stay to complete physical therapy, it becomes expensive and leaves families without gifts to exchange for the holiday, especially for their children. So, consider picking up some toys from your local toy store and donating them to children’s hospitals.

The toys and games you donate will help kids pass the time in between their surgery and recovery periods, all while making them feel like children again. So, take a look and see the wish lists posted at the local hospital that you can contribute.

Visit a Local Nursing Home

There’s a heartfelt reality that comes with living in a nursing home. Many elderly residents in nursing homes don’t have families to visit them or anyone to spend time with during the holidays. Sometimes, families they usually see are out of town and don’t have the chance to visit their loved ones.

This is where you come in. Set up an event with your friends and visit a nursing home to celebrate the holidays. It will make the nursing home residence happy and feel loved. You never know who you might perk up during your visit.

Volunteer at a Nearby Soup Kitchen

Celebrating the holidays isn’t just the quality time with family and exchanging gifts—it’s also about the meals you share. You can enjoy your grandma’s famous baked mac and cheese dish or your uncle’s spinach artichoke dip. It fills up bellies while making everyone excited and happy. But there are times where many go hungry during the holidays.

So, instead of spending your whole day at home, visit a soup kitchen to volunteer at for the holidays. There’s always a mouth to feed during the cold season, and a healthy, warm meal can do wonders for those in need. Local soup kitchens always accept volunteers, so do your research and see which one you like best.

Donate a Christmas Tree To Military Families

Many armed forces aren’t home to spend time with their friends and loved ones during the holidays. As a result, lower-income military families go without a Christmas tree or decorations to sprinkle throughout their homes. A great way to thank your local Veteran is by donating a Christmas tree for them and their families. From there, their loved ones can decorate and create beautiful trees to their heart’s desires.

Giving back to those in need during the holidays is easier than ever. We at GreenDrop do everything in our power to contribute to our local friends in need by offering pickup and drop-off donation schedules. Every donation we receive supports worthy charities, so celebrate the holidays by giving gifts to those who need them the most.

How To Give the Gift of Donations This Holiday Season

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