How To Know if You Are Donating To the Right Cause

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As your life progresses before you, you find a job, start a family, buy a home—all milestones of growing older and finding success. You provide for your family, and maybe even your friends if they need a helping hand. But over time, you clean out your closets and drawers to come across a load of items you longer need. So, where can you put them?

Luckily, after spending years working hard, you can finally give back to your community. The piles of clothes and donatable goods you find in your home are great for donating. However, you might be wondering which foundation or organization to give it away to. So, here is how to know if you are donating to the right cause to feel good.

It Feels Like a Good Thing

Secondhand stores and thrift stores are great places to find valuable items. It doesn’t matter what kind of background the buyer has; thrift stores offer something for everyone. So, it would help if you found a store that you could feel good about shopping at, and helping people at the same time.

You want transparency and to feel like there aren’t any underlying secrets. Whether donating money or goods, you need to feel comfortable and feel like you’re contributing to something bigger. If you come across a charity raising funds for a specific condition you personally care about, then do it. You’ll come out feeling satisfied and grateful for being able to contribute to the greater good.

They Accept Multiple Donation Types

Finding out how to support your favorite charity is important when you want to donate. Some charities need actual items like clothing and household goods, while others need straight monetary support, and some may need your time through volunteerism.

Some charities accept donations of gently used items that are converted to cash to help fund their critical programing. It’s an excellent way for clothing drives or foundations to raise money for awareness. Consider leveraging your local GreenDrop to donate used goods which will be converted to monetary funds to the charity of your choice.

Freedom To Choose Donation Methods

When you find a cause that you wish to support, see if various organizations work for the exact cause. From there, you can choose the one that resonates with you most. For example, if you wish to donate to an animal rescue foundation, see if you can choose for your donation to donate pet food to the shelter or funding medical bills and transportation fees.

If you plan on supporting a legal cause, see if you can cover lawyer fees, raise awareness for the cause, or even supply goods to anyone low on resources. It’s a great way to support those involved in serious situations.

They Connect With You

One of the most significant parts in how to know if you are donating to the right cause is that they establish a connection with you. Whether it’s an emotional or a communicative relationship, it’s crucial that you feel heard, too. There are plenty of great organizations out there but finding something that connects with you matters.

Finding a charity that matches your history and values will make you more engaged in the organization and contribute better. If they contribute to a cause that relates to you, then move forward and contribute yourself. You never know who might appreciate your generous donation.

Your Donations Help Solve Local Problems

The point of supporting a charity is for them to help in the cause they believe in. Most charities focus on large-scale projects that require a lot of time, money, and support. They need to remain transparent and selfless during the entire process. However, the majority of local charities tend to stay more feasible for local communities.

Sometimes looking towards foundations and organizations that don’t have the marketing dollars to broaden their reach feel more intimate. For example, if a local charity raises funds for a community veteran, donating to them feels more impactful for the donators. Therefore, donors feel their contribution means something.

Your Research Satisfies You

Before donating, researching the charity is crucial to supporting a cause. The charity needs to have a good reputation and clean history. It would be best if you made sure that the leadership in the charity is qualified. Additionally, other people that are helping to operate the charity need to remain reputable, too. Many charities provide plenty of information online about who they are, how they run, and so on.

A little research can go a long way; making sure they previously registered with the IRS, which oversees their programming and protects donor privacy. Thankfully, if you’re still unsure, there are reputable charity ranking websites that provide evaluations and donation histories. So, use your resources wisely before deciding.

It Aligns With Your Passion

Passion is what drives people to move forward and pursue their desires—making a more considerable income, practicing a skill, or educating others. By finding a charity that meets your passion is crucial for supporting a cause. If you’re passionate about helping children in third-world countries, find a charity that aligns with that passion.

Thankfully, thousands of charities can reflect your passion and desire to help others. Charities need to provide as much information as possible and have a history of reputable contributions, all while staying true to their cause.

They Accept Drives and Fundraisers

One of the best parts of supporting a charity is that they’re involved with the community. Whether they’re an independent location or a non-profit chain of facilities, their involvement in the community is what makes them reliable, like hosting drives and fundraisers for local causes.

There are so many ways a charity can help. For example, a citizen in the community might have gotten seriously hurt and need help paying for medical bills. Charities can host drives or fundraisers to help locally. Additionally, they can provide gift cards or coupons to more significant contributions or even contribute themselves towards the cause.

Charities must remain reliable, trustworthy, and stay grounded in their help. Donators can drop off items or even schedule a pickup for programs like St. Vincent De Paul donations. If you wish to donate, visit us at Go Green Drop. We provide offerings for the most basic of necessities and strive to make a world of difference. If you have any questions, contact us today.

How To Know if You Are Donating To the Right Cause

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