How To Organize Donation Items

Finding the right items to donate is just the first part of the donation process. You may find that you have quite a bit more than you originally intended to donate. This happens to most people when they do a big home cleanout looking for donatable items. Knowing how to organize donation items is a crucial step to the process, as it makes your job easier and gets those items onto shelves sooner rather than later.

Take a Systematic Approach

The real key to organizing all your donation items is to come up with a system early on, ideally before you even start. You’ll want to have designated places for each type of item. Take your time and take it room by room. Avoid the temptation to move randomly between rooms; just stick with one room until you’ve fully cleared it out. Being methodical will ensure you are more organized as you go, and you won’t end up with big piles of stuff all over your house.

Separate the Trash From the Good Stuff

As you begin to organize your rooms, you’re going to run into a lot of things that simply cannot be donated. These items could be too worn down or have glaring issues that make them unfit for donation. Items such as these need to be thrown away rather than added to your donation pile. Removing things that you know aren’t good enough to be donated saves time for everyone and ensures your entire donation gets put to good use.

Keep Like With Like

When you’re considering how to organize donation items, keep in mind that presorting them helps donation centers more than you realize. Sort your donations by the type of items you have. Make separate piles or boxes for things such as:

  • Home goods
  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Miscellaneous

Sorting these into their own bags or boxes makes the entire donation process much smoother, allowing your items to help people as quickly as possible.

Clearly Label Everything

Labeling is a crucial aspect of an efficient donation. Not only will labeling your bags or boxes help you as you are going through your stuff, but it also makes our jobs easier when we receive the donations. The labels don’t have to be too specific—a simple category of items on the outside can be invaluable in helping us get your items to where they need to go.

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