How to Plan a Donation Drive for Charity

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Right now, everybody is looking for ways to make a difference. Whether it’s small donations or big drives, people want to find a way to help their communities in whatever way they can. If that’s you, then take the step toward big change by starting with some sort of donation drive. Maybe it’s a clothing drive or a food drive for locals. Whatever your idea is, take the steps and run with it! We’ve compiled a guide with tips, tricks, and steps on how to plan a donation drive for charity. Check them out and see what a difference you can make!

Build Your Team

If you decide that you want to take the step and organize a donation drive, then you’re going to need some help. Don’t try to tackle all of this by yourself, it’ll make it way more stressful than necessary. Maybe your group of friends or some coworkers from your job want to help. Either way, broadening your team also expands the audience for the donation drive.

Think about having someone who will deal with sorting donations, someone who will keep track of donors, someone who wants to control social media postings, and whatever other little tasks you think need delegating. In general, your team will help develop the perfect project for the situation and community.

Set Your Goals

As a team, set your goals for the donation. Do you want to raise a targeted dollar amount? Do you want to reach a targeted weight of clothing donations? When you solidify your goals as a team, you’ll have a firm task to strive for. This also helps encourage donors—if they know you’re only a short way away from your goal, they may be even more inclined to donate more. Share your goals—transparency is key when it comes to donation drives.

Find a Local Partner

Once you’ve set goals as a team, your next step is to decide which charity you’re going to partner with. Before you start collecting a ton of things that people may not even need, make sure that the organization you donate to needs these things. Get in touch with local organizations and figure out exactly what the community they serve needs. When you can inform donors what to donate, that will make the entire drive more focused.

In addition, you could also try to partner up with local small businesses. Can they help advertise your drive? Can they agree to match donations monetarily? Can they put on a donation drive night? It’s the same idea as creating and expanding your team. When you have a business partner involved, you’ll have a better chance of reaching more people.

Market Your Donation Drive

Getting the word out is incredibly important for the success of the donation drive. Spread the word in as many different ways as possible. For example, use all different social media platforms. Instagram and Facebook are vital, especially if you set up a page and pay for them to advertise it for you! But don’t forget about how there are more marketing avenues than just social media.

Don’t underestimate the power of flyers and posters. Depending on how big you want the drive to be, you could even call your local radio station or reach out to your local newspaper. Do what you can to reach out to your community as much as you can!

Be Quick to Thank Donors

When the donation drive kicks off, make sure that you are quick to thank your donors when they start to donate. When you reply quickly and thoughtfully to companies or people that donate, you’ll make a lasting impact on them. You’ll want to be on good terms with them especially if you want to keep organizing donation drives. You never know when you might need someone to donate again.

You should also try to keep a donor registry. When people donate, ask them to fill out some contact information so that you can keep track of them. Again, if you plan on putting on future drives, you won’t want to ask the same donors to donate every time. The more you can mix it up and tap into different donor pools, the less likely they’ll feel “burnt out.”

Figure Out a Sorting System

Now, depending on the sort of donation drive you put on, you’ll need to sort through the donation proceeds. Don’t wait until the last donation rolls in—that will only create more stress for you. Instead, as soon as donations start coming in, begin pre-sorting everything. For example, when it comes to a clothing drive, you can sort clothes into different categories: kid’s clothes, women’s and men’s clothes, bedding, and more.

This is also where solid communication with the charity will come into play. Ask them what will work best for them when it comes to sorting and delivering. Make sure to pack everything in clean boxes or bags to make delivery easier. Again, the sooner you start sorting and packaging for delivery, the better!

Share Results and Success

When you’ve finally finished everything up, share your success! Be sure to document the entire process with lots of photos so that you can easily share everything on social media. Especially in recent times, sharing your steps and success can motivate others to follow in your footsteps. If you did partner with local news and radio, then this is the time to share how much money you raised, how much you were able to donate, and whether you were able to reach your goals.

If you collected email addresses from donors, this is another opportunity to send a thank-you email—this will let everyone see the impact their donations made. Not to mention, it’s a good way for you to see what an impact you’ve made on the community!

Coming up with a donation drive idea isn’t too hard, and neither is following through now that you know how to plan a donation drive for charity! Take these steps and see what a difference you can make for your community and for the charity you choose to support. If you end up selecting the clothing drive idea, turn to GreenDrop as your charity partner. We are a charity organization that picks up donations, and you can even drop them off at one of our locations. Reach out for more information about partnering with us now!

Plan a Donation Drive for Charity

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