How to Switch Out Seasonal Clothes

Keeping your clothes organized is an important aspect of a tidy home. You can clean the floors and the rooms as much as possible, but when you open the closet and stuff spills out, then you’re clearly not as organized as you thought. Regularly donating clothes keeps closets from overflowing, but switching up your wardrobe when the seasons shift is also a great idea. If that’s something you think your closet needs, then take a look at this guide on how to switch out seasonal clothes—just in time for summer!

Clean Out the Closet

Your first step to switching out seasonal clothes is cleaning out the closet. You can entirely empty out the closet or only remove the items that aren’t seasonally appropriate. For example, switching from winter to summer means removing sweaters and merlot-colored tops and adding shorts and brightly colored pieces. Cleaning out and sorting through your clothes is the first step to an organized closet.

Don’t Switch Everything

When you’re deciding what will stay in the closet and what will go, make sure not to switch everything over. You know as well as we do—the weather is a temperamental thing, so switching directly to shorts and not leaving any pants may cause some problems. Leave some winter staples in your closet, but not too many. Remember, the goal is to reduce the overall number of items in your closet.

Donate Items You Didn’t Wear

Once you’ve sorted through the items that aren’t going to stay, take some time to further sort your winter clothing. Chances are you didn’t wear every piece of winter clothing you own throughout the season. If you didn’t wear an item at all or don’t see yourself wearing it again, put that item in a donation bin. Once you’ve done this for your entire closet, you can schedule a donation pickup.

Wash Before Storing

Before putting them away, wash any items that you’ve decided to keep and that you need to store for next year. Clean clothes resist pests and stains better. You don’t need to do anything special; a simple washing will do. Once you’ve washed the clothing, make sure to store it in plastic containers with lids—don’t use cardboard boxes, which can break down and attract insects.

Refresh with In-Season Items

When you’ve finally put away your clothes, you can start restocking your closet with in-season items. Organize your closet by garment type and by color. Switching out seasonal clothes gives you the opportunity to organize your closet the way you’ve been meaning to. Take control of your closet space and get it organized!

As we mentioned, when you find clothes you think are more suitable for donation, you can schedule a donation pickup. With GreenDrop, you can do just that. You can also drop off your clothing donation at our Franklin Mills, PA, location. We’ll turn your clothes into a monetary donation for the charity of your choice to help out people in need. Even the smallest acts of kindness go a long way, so donate now!