How To Take Care of Your Clothes

Our clothes deserve good care, which means taking a little more time to fold them before putting them away and knowing when they are better suited for a different home. At GreenDrop, we talk a lot about taking care of the environment and taking care of our community, and you can support both these things by taking care of your clothes.

How is that possible, you may ask? When you take better care of the clothes you own, there’s less chance of you turning to fast fashion (a huge greenhouse gas pollutant) or tossing them in the trash when they get ratty. When your clothes are still in good shape, but you no longer have an interest or a use for them, you can donate them to charitable organizations in your community, helping those in need and protecting the environment at the same time.

See the importance of taking care of your clothes? Below you’ll learn some key tips on how to take care of your clothes. Check it out!

Wash Clothes Less Frequently

Believe it or not, you don’t need to wash most of your clothes after just one wear. Wear an undershirt, and you may not have to wash your favorite sweater for a while. Are your jeans getting a bit of an odor? You don’t have to wash them—just hang them in the bathroom while you shower to let that clean steam penetrate the smell.

Of course, we’re not implying that you should wear dirty clothes. Rather, reduce how often you do laundry and pay attention to how dirty the clothes actually are. Washing too often will reduce clothing quality.

Fold Clothes Carefully (and Soon) After Washing

Whether you’re a college student or a busy parent, letting clothes sit in the laundry basket or dryer after washing can harm your clothes in the long run. Fold your clothes soon after washing and drying them. Better yet, fold them along the seams to lessen the chances of any wrinkling. This will maintain the overall shape of the clothes.

Choose Smart Materials

You don’t have to go to the most expensive store on the block to get good materials. In fact, plenty of thrift shops offer high-quality clothes made of fantastic, long-lasting materials. Either way, no matter where you get the piece, smart fabrics lead to smart clothes that won’t tear, hole, or lose their shape as easily. Take a look at an item’s material list before your next purchase.

Avoid the Dryer When You Can

Another way to protect the environment and your clothes is by simply avoiding the dryer. After dryers were introduced to the world, we all had a change in reasoning to believe all clothes had to dry in the dryer. However, that mindset can be quite damaging to your clothes. When you can, air-dry your clothes. It’s softer on the fabrics, reduces electricity usage and reduces the wear on your dryer.

As we mentioned, sometimes you take great care of your clothes, but no longer want them. Help your community and schedule a donation pick-up with a local organization like GreenDrop. We’ll make sure your clothes make a positive impact on the community and world you love.