How To Tell If You Have Too Much Clutter in Your Home

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The old saying that someone is “not seeing the forest for the trees” means they ignore the bigger picture in favor of only looking at the small details. When it comes to keeping and maintaining an organized home, there are plenty of people who can’t see the forest for the trees. Too many little problems start to take attention away from the fact that your place has gotten out of control, and you haven’t even realized it.

It’s important that you know how to tell if you have too much clutter in your home—the alternative is dealing with all the problems of a cluttered house without any respite in sight. There are some signs that can let you know it’s time to declutter before the mess takes over your entire house. We’ll go through some of the major ones here, so you know what to look for.

Some Items Have Been Unused for Years

One of the worst things about dealing with clutter is finding something you know you haven’t touched in a long time and you’re wondering why you still have it. If this is a common occurrence for you, it’s a good sign you might have a clutter problem on your hands. If an item or several items have gone untouched and unused for years, you can safely dispose of them without any worry or guilt.

No More Places To Put Clothes

Clothing can sometimes not feel like clutter to some people. The rationale is that clothing is always useful, and you never know when you might want to wear something again. However, you can’t keep every piece of clothing you’ve ever owned without them taking up much more space than they need to. If you regularly buy new clothes without getting rid of your old ones, your closet will eventually overflow. If you need to lose some of that old clothing, consider a clothing donation in Camp Springs, MD, so your clothes can go on to help someone else who may need them.

You Buy Things To Organize Rather Than Declutter

There’s a strange phenomenon many people will go through where they want to clean up the messes that they already have—but they try to do it without actually getting rid of anything. Instead, they’ll try to buy more things with the express purpose of organizing all their junk and clutter into neater piles. By doing this, you can get almost the same feeling of decluttering without letting go of any of your possessions. Do not fall for this trap. If you constantly try to reorganize, it’s probably a sign you should declutter instead.

You Have Difficulties Finding Things

A good way to tell if you have too much clutter in your home is if you always seem to lose important possessions among all the things in your house. Many people who have a problem with keeping too much clutter will often describe themselves as absentminded because they constantly lose things. This mindset is quite incorrect. You won’t be able to lose things around your home if there isn’t a bunch of clutter and mess for them to get lost in. Constantly losing things is definitely a clear sign it’s time to declutter.

You Know Exactly Where All Your Clutter Lives

If you find yourself with an item that you don’t immediately know what to do with, and you already know where you’ll put it for later use without even thinking about it, you may have a problem with clutter. A common example of this is when you have a junk drawer or cabinet where all your miscellaneous things go when you don’t know what to do with them. You need a change in mindset. If your first thought is to put something in the junk drawer, you might not need that item at all.

Every Item Has a Reasoning Behind It

Some people with cluttered houses can get a little defensive about their tendency to keep everything they get their hands on. If you ask them to get rid of something, they’ll already have an excuse as to why they need to keep it. If this sounds like something you do, we challenge you to question the reasoning behind why you keep certain items. Are they good reasons? Or do you feel like it may be a bit of a stretch when you say them out loud?

You Don’t Like People Seeing Your Home

Having people you care about over to your house is one of the best parts of owning a home in the first place. However, if you find that you don’t enjoy having people over because of the state of your house, you have your reason to start decluttering right there. Your home shouldn’t be a source of embarrassment or shame. When you feel this way about your house, it’s difficult for it to truly feel like a home.

You Can’t Find Places To Put New Things

Take a look around at all the surfaces in your home. How many of them are actually available to put things on? For someone with a penchant for collecting clutter, the answer is usually lower than they would like. No matter what you collect or what kind of clutter gravitates towards you, eventually, you’ll run out of space for new items. This is a good wake-up call that maybe things have gotten slightly out of hand. When all the surfaces in your home have clutter piled on them, it’s time to start the purging process.

Clutter can be a problem for anyone and, as we mentioned above, clothes can often be a large part of that problem. GreenDrop wants to help you get your home back in working order by taking some of that mess off of your hands. If you’d like to donate, we have plenty of locations available for you to drop off useful items you no longer need so they’re put to good use elsewhere.

How To Tell If You Have Too Much Clutter in Your Home

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