Ideas for your next snow day!

Picture this; the weather outside is frightful causing an unexpected day off of work or school. Snow days are a special treat, a day to kick your feet up and relax. But a day on the couch can be wasted. Why not make your snow day fun and productive?Happy girl with a red scarf on the winter

Here are some ideas to plan out your next snow day!

Cook for the week: So many people have good intentions about prepping meals for the week but due to busy schedules never get around to it. Take this extra day to get some dinners and lunches together for the days to come.

Read a book: Curling up with a book is relaxing and rewarding because it’s educational. So catch up on some reading your next snow day.

Go through old clothes: If you’re feeling extra productive why not tackle some chores. Go through the closets and get rid of the items you no longer need. When you’re done call GreenDrop for a clothing donation pickup.

We hope these ideas help you get through your next snow day! What are your favorite snow day ideas? Let us know in a comment!