National Old Stuff Day

Today is National Old Stuff Day. Observed on March 2nd it is a day to give notice to all the things we do on a daily basis. Is there a better way to do those things? Today is a day to break out of the old routines and try something new.

There’s no limit to how you can change up your day to make it less stressful or more efficient. Check out our list below for tips that can help ease your day.

Housewife checking apparel at home

It starts the night before:
First things, first in order to conquer the day you need to start preparing the night before. Things like making a list of things you want to accomplish for tomorrow, cleaning up before bed and getting a good night’s rest.

Keeping on track:
Eliminate distractions like TV and the Internet. Continue to check off and add to the list of things you want to get done from the night before.

Little things:
There are tons of little things you can add to your routine that will add up throughout the day to make you more efficient. To accomplish things you have to keep moving. Never leave a room without making it look a little better. Leave a basket in the closet for items you want to donate. When it’s full call GreenDrop to pickup or visit one of our GreenDrop charitable donation centers.

What are some ways you’re going to change up your routine. Let us know on our Facebook page!