Organize with GreenDrop in 2017

moving to new apartment. happy child in cardboard boxGetting organized is at the top of many people’s New Year’s Resolution list. At GreenDrop we take the stress out of getting organized by offering donors easy home pick ups and convenient drop-off locations. To make things even simpler, we’re sharing tips to get organized in the New Year!

Out with the old and in with the new:
Make it a post-holiday rule for every new item an old item must go. Before you put new items away fill up a few bags of items you no longer need and donate them to charitable organizations.

Be honest:
Organize your home for how you truly live, not how you wish you lived. The items that you use on a daily basis should be at an arm’s length

Handle Chaotic Closets:
Start by getting rid of the clothes you no longer need. Donate things that no longer fit or match your current style. Then, put out-of-season clothes out of site, either in another closet or packed away in boxes.

Give these tips and bring your clothing donations to GreenDrop! You will go into the New Year feeling much lighter, more organized and even happier knowing that your donations are helping charity organizations!