Organizing after the holidays

Christmas week is finally here, and New Year’s Eve is not far behind. Even in the midst of the holiday chaos and cheer, it’s still important to look ahead to the New Year and begin organizing.

Follow our tips to cut the clutter and start 2016 feeling organized and motivated for the year to come.

Happy adult couple doing houseworkGifts:
The excitement of new gifts makes it easier for people to cut ties with old or outworn items. So, when you’re putting presents away after the holidays consider getting rid of two counterparts for each gift received. Did your mom surprise you with a new sweater this year? Find two outgrown sweaters and add them to a donation bag!

When New Years passes and it becomes time to restore your home back to its normal condition it can be so easy to toss your decorations back in their bins and into storage, forgetting about them until next year. Instead of worrying about it later sort before you stow. Toss any broken lights or ornaments. Décor that is no longer your favorite can be donated and stained linens can be repurposed into cleaning cloths.

After holiday party:
If you’re up for it hosting an after the holidays party can help get rid of unwanted gifted food or beverages.  Hosting an after the holidays party is also a great opportunity to pass along gifts that didn’t exactly match your style. Like we mentioned in a previous blog, incorporate a white elephant gift exchange with your guests, remember no first time gifts allowed. All gifts must be regifted. You’ll clear the clutter and give a second life into things you may have just tossed otherwise. You can always regift to charity too!

When you’re finished sorting, organizing and getting back to your routine give GreenDrop a call to pickup your donations or visit one of our GreenDrop charitable donation locations.