Paring Down: Useful Tips for Downsizing


So you’ve found a new place to live, but it’s much smaller than your old place. What’s the next step? You can try to cram everything you own into an even smaller space, or you can be a little more practical and downsize. Downsizing can be scary to some people. The thought of getting rid of things isn’t always an attractive option. However, it can also be a good thing as it’s a chance to purge unnecessary items from your life. Here are a few useful tips for paring down and downsizing.

Declutter as Early as Possible

The more you feel rushed to make decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of, the more mistakes you’ll make, so start decluttering your stuff as early as you can. Starting as soon as possible gives you more time to contemplate each item before deciding where it goes. Don’t fall into the trap of making rash decisions just because you left this important step until the week before your move.

Identify What You Can’t Live Without

One of the best tips for downsizing your home is to start with the things you know you want to keep for sure. Once you have these essential items out of the way, you might start to realize how much extraneous junk you have lying around. It’s much easier to deal with items that you no longer need since when can’t use the excuse of “I might need it someday.” You’ve already identified what you can’t live without, so you probably don’t really need that item too.

Know Your New Place’s Dimensions

Imperative to your moving success is understanding the space you’ll have to work with at your new home. You already know it’s going to be smaller—can you fit certain pieces of furniture through the doorways? Are the ceilings high enough to hang things from? Once you know your new home’s dimensions, you’ll have a much better idea of what can and cannot fit into the space.

Utilize Multifunctional Furniture

If you know you’re a pack rat with an abiding interest in keeping as many personal items as you can, you’ll at least need places to store all your stuff. Multifunctional furniture is the answer to your problems. Couches with storage in the armrests, coffee tables with extra drawers, fold-out couches for extra beds—all these pieces take up the same amount of space as a piece of single-use furniture, but they hide useful secrets inside of them.

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