Preparing your home for spring with GreenDrop

Keeping with the theme of our last blog, we’re back with some tips to help you start preparing for spring. Spring is right around the corner and for many of us it is an exciting time to get the home ready, especially after the long dark days of winter.

Here are some tips you can use over the next month to get your home ready for spring.

Soon the climate will be changing and you’ll be running your air conditioning. So make sure your system is working properly. It might be time to change your filter. Speaking of filters, if you have refrigerator with an ice maker or water dispenser check that filter as well.

Exterior:Man Clearing Leaves From Guttering Of House
With all the harsh weather the outside of your home has been through a lot more wear and tear than the inside. Take a walk around your home to look for any damages. Check the roof for broken or missing shingles. Clean out those gutters of winter debris.

Tidy Up:
Once you’ve inspected the outside of your home it’s time to work on the inside. You’re going to want to clean and organize your home for spring. Start with trying to eliminate clutter everywhere: organize the home office, clear out the medicine cabinets and sort through the closets.

Once you’ve organized everything give GreenDrop a call to come pickup your gently used clothing and household items. You can choose one of our partner charities to benefit, the National Federation of the Blind, the Military Order of the Purple Heart of the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Philadelphia.