Putting a green twist on a holiday tradition

Last week we mentioned some tips on how to stay green this holiday season. Well, we’re back with another suggestion, regifting. Now we know some may find this topic taboo but how many times have you gone to an office party and gotten a gift that just wasn’t your style?

Research shows that regifting is becoming more accepted. It’s also a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle! Did we mention regifting saves money too?

Rather than having a traditional gift swap this year host a regifting party. Have each guest bring a wrapped gift *no first time gifts allowed, let each guest draw a number. The person with the lowest number chooses a gift to unwrap for everyone to see. Now the person with the next lowest number chooses. If you’ve ever done a white elephant gift exchange you know what’s next, that person has the option of keeping their gift or stealing from the first person that picked a gift. This trend will continue allowing all of your guests to pick a gift to open and giving them the option of stealing another person’s gift.

We promise you’ll be the talk of the town for hosting such a unique, budget friends and green party. If you still don’t get a gift you love there’s always the option to regift to charity. An unwanted gift could be a welcomed donation to a charitable organization like out our partner charities, the National Federation of the Blind, the Military Order of the Purple Heart and the Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Philadelphia. Drop off at one of GreenDrop’s chartable donation centers or schedule a charity home pickup at your convenience.

If you’re hosting a regifting party let us know in comment!