Reasons To Donate Your Old Stuff Before You Move

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So many tasks can pop up when it comes time to move and a lot of them can slip through the cracks if you’re not careful. You could make the moving process much more difficult for yourself if you don’t know how to handle it. In order to make the move a little easier, it’s a good idea to donate as many of your old possessions as you can so you don’t have to deal with them. We’ll show you the reasons to donate your old stuff before you move and how it can make your move much simpler.

A Cheaper Cost of Moving

If you need to move a lot of furniture and other possessions, you’ll likely need to pay movers to help. That’s why it’s a good idea to separate the things you want to donate from what you want to keep. One of the reasons you should donate your old stuff before you move is because it reduces the total amount of items you have to pack and move into your new house. With less stuff to move from one place to the next, you can save money by getting a smaller truck or paying for less labor to transport your things.

A Fresh Start

Chances are that you moved to a new house for an important reason. Relocating for work, downsizing, better schools for the kids—whatever the reasons are, you’re starting somewhere new. You don’t want your new home to feel exactly like your old one; otherwise, you wouldn’t have moved. So, don’t make it look the same with all your things from before. When you donate your old possessions, you give yourself the chance to start over fresh with a new look for your home.

Simplify Your Move

This is an especially big deal if you aren’t hiring movers to do the work for you. You’ll have a lot of boxes and furniture to haul. There’s no escaping the reality that you have to pack and unpack all your possessions into your new house. So, get rid of as much as possible before you move. Donations are a great way to get rid of things you don’t want or need.

Recoup Costs Through Taxes

Moving is expensive; it’s an unfortunate fact of life. If you know you’ll spend a lot of money moving your things to a new home, it can help ease your mind if you have a few ways to get some of that money back. Large charitable donations are the perfect way to do something kind while also getting a kickback on your taxes for the next year. Those tax breaks can make up some of the losses you incurred from expenses related to your move.

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