Signs That You Should Donate Your Clothes

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We’re all guilty of hanging onto clothes that we don’t need anymore. Whether it’s for sentimental purposes or if we’re just not that good at letting go of anything, our closets can quickly start to get out of control unless we change something. How do you know which clothes are the right ones to let go of and which ones you should hang onto? To help you out, we’ll go over a few signs that you should donate your clothes so that you can feel okay about giving them up.

You Haven’t Worn Them in Over a Year

Let’s face it—if an entire year goes by and you haven’t put something on once, you’re not waiting for the right time to wear it. You just don’t want to wear that piece of clothing anymore. All clothing articles like this do is take up space and collect dust when they could be out in the world serving someone else. If it’s hard to remember the last time you put something on, you probably won’t miss it once you donate it.

They No Longer Fit You

It’s pretty common for people to have clothes that they keep as a sort of aspiration. Maybe one day you’ll wear that shirt again, right? The truth is that it’s not going to do anything more than make you feel bad about yourself. Whether you’ve lost or gained weight, you don’t need to hang onto your old clothes that don’t fit anymore.

Your Style Has Changed

Everyone goes through phases with their sense of fashion. It’s normal to think that something you once wore doesn’t work for you anymore. However, just because you’ve grown out of it stylistically doesn’t mean that piece of clothing needs to go in the garbage. Every style has a place somewhere. So, an article that doesn’t work for you could be the exact thing someone else needs to complete their outfits.

Your Stage of Life Changed

A good sign that you should donate your clothes is when you enter a new stage of life, and your old outfits become unsuitable for you as a result. Maybe you received a promotion and need more professional clothing and less casual clothing. Perhaps you don’t go out to clubs and bars much anymore and don’t need your old party clothes. There’s nothing wrong with moving forward and developing as a person. Therefore, you should remember that you don’t need to cling too tightly to the past.

GreenDrop has plenty of clothing drop-off locations that make donating the clothes you no longer need fast and simple. When the time comes to move on from your old clothes, we’ll be there to help you start fresh.

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