Some gave all, all gave some: Support our military by becoming a member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart

Our work with the Military Order of the Purple Heart has helped us understand the importance of hope, resilience, and passion; and motivated our entire organization to spread the good work going on every day in our community. We’ve learned so much from the Military Order of the Purple Heart, and we want you to know how you can get involved more intimately with such an amazing organization.

Dedicated to promoting patriotism and providing service to all wounded veterans and their families, we couldn’t be more proud of the services provided by the Purple Heart and the support our GreenDrop donors have been showing the organization.

Since we’ve received so much interest in our efforts with the Purple Heart as we continually grow throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, we want to help those looking to extend their service beyond making donations through GreenDrop, by becoming official members of the Purple Heart.

While the application process is fairly simple to becomGreenDrop_MOPHMember_Imagee a member of the Purple Heart, to be eligible for a membership, you must first and foremost be a veteran, an active member of the military, or a relative of the two. If one of the three apply to you, your next step would be determining whether or not you should explore a membership status of a Recipient or an Associate.

  • Purple Heart Recipients are any person of good moral character who is serving in or has served in one of the Armed Forces of the U.S., and can show proof of the award of the Purple Heart for wounds.
  • Purple Heart Associate Members are a parent, spouse, sibling, or descendant of either a living or deceased Purple Heart recipient.

From there, the organization will review your application and decide if your qualifications are in line with what is required by the Purple Heart. Once accepted, both Purple Heart Recipients and Associate Members are asked to pay a lifetime membership fee of $50.00.

If you aren’t able to meet any of the Purple Heart’s requirements to become an official member, don’t worry there are still ways to get involved with the organization! Whether you are a full-fledged member or simply dropping off your unwanted goods to a local GreenDrop, your generosity and service helps to fund critical programs for our nation’s finest and their families!

Want to learn more about the good works we are able to support through your donations? Be sure to check out our blog for more updates from our partner charities or contact us directly at