The Health Benefits of Decluttering

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Here at GreenDrop, we talk a lot about how your decision to donate your items can benefit other people’s lives. But we’d like to discuss how getting rid of all that old stuff can be very beneficial for the person doing the giving. There’s nothing wrong with gaining something when doing a good deed. This cycle of positivity is what creates people who love to give back and help others.

When we consider how decluttering can help the person getting rid of their stuff, a large portion of the benefit comes from how much better they feel, both physically and mentally. The health benefits of decluttering are worth considering when you’re looking through your old things. This article will show you how doing some spring cleaning might just improve your well-being.

Improved Sleep Quality

Despite the fact that your eyes are closed and you can’t see the mess surrounding you, your brain never fully lets go of the clutter you keep around. If you have trouble sleeping or feel like the kind of sleep you get isn’t really refreshing you the way it should, it might be because there’s too much in your room for your brain to fully shut off. All that visual noise that you leave around makes your brain work that much harder to calm down for sleep. By decluttering your room of clothes and trash, you create a much more relaxing space where you can focus on getting a good night’s rest.

Lower Levels of Anxiety

Have you ever wondered why humans tend to prefer things to be neat and tidy? The answer could lie in our brains. Our brains do their best to make sense of the world around us. The more orderly things are, the easier this is for our brains. However, if you enter a highly disorganized space with countless items strewn about, it can cause your anxiety levels to rise. That heightened anxiety isn’t good for anyone, yet plenty of people go through their lives with their homes completely out of order. Tidying up and organizing will put your mind at ease and allow you to experience less anxiety whenever you are home.

Reduced Stress

In the same vein as anxiety, stress is one of the worst things with which humans can deal. Our daily lives come with enough stress stemming from things we can’t control, such as issues at our workplaces. We don’t need to add to that stress by creating it on our own. The constant thought of, “I need to clean all of this up,” or, “I don’t even know where to start with this mess,” can make for an extremely stressful situation in your home. As you declutter, you will find that this stress will wane. Reducing stress is one of the best things you can do for both your mind and body, so don’t overlook this simple way to help yourself become healthier.

Higher Productivity

Visual noise created by clutter doesn’t just affect you when you sleep. It can also have a profound effect on how productive you are while at home. Clutter of any kind can take away your ability to focus on what you’re doing. It’s quite hard to focus on work or a hobby when there’s a huge mess right in your line of sight. This is especially important for those who work from home, as they must fight the temptation to simply leave everything where it is and clean it up later. If you can make yourself tidy up your personal space, you will find that concentrating on both work and leisure is much easier and less of a hurdle.

Less Dust and Allergens

One of the health benefits of decluttering that affects your physical body involves the amount of dust and allergens you inhale on a daily basis. Clutter, no matter what it may be, creates more surface area for harmful dust and allergens to accumulate. Breathing these in can cause serious health problems over time. Some irritants can cause illness directly, while others can contribute to the development of allergies that you wouldn’t have developed if you weren’t breathing in these particles so often.

Better Interpersonal Relationships

Clutter affects more than just the person who put it there in the first place. If you live in your home with anyone else, they have to deal with the clutter getting in the way of their lives as well. This is very important, because all humans are social creatures. Your relationships with roommates and loved ones are crucial to your mental health. When you get rid of the clutter, you remove one possible point of tension between you and the people with which you live. This can also contribute to a decrease in your overall stress.

More Positivity

We could all benefit from having a more positive outlook on life. Unfortunately, a cluttered home can directly affect how positive you feel that you can be. Too much clutter can cause your brain to believe you don’t have your life together. As the amount of clutter grows, your brain can start thinking there is no way out of the situation. With a little bit of deliberate and methodical effort, you can challenge this thinking and get back to a more positive mindset. Being more positive is a reward in and of itself, as it colors the way we feel about both the hardships and good parts of life.

We want everyone who donates to GreenDrop to come away from the experience feeling good about themselves and their future. This includes both our donors and those who receive donations. There are so many benefits to decluttering, not even counting the sense of purpose and satisfaction you get from knowing that you’re helping someone in need. If you’re ready to get started, you can check out one of our clothing drop-off locations. This way, you always know where to take that clutter you no longer need. We’ll be waiting with open arms and a helping hand whenever you decide to donate your old items.The Health Benefits of Decluttering

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