The Most Needed School Supplies To Donate

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With another school year beginning for many students, back-to-school supplies are flying off the shelves at stores everywhere. When you buy those important supplies, though, give a thought to people who can’t provide their children with the supplies they need to succeed in school. School supplies can be prohibitively expensive for some people. Therefore, you can do a lot of good by giving a few supplies to those who need them. Here are some of the most needed school supplies to donate that will really make a difference.


All the supplies in the world aren’t very useful if a child can’t take them to school and bring them back home. A quality backpack can be so useful to a child who can’t afford one. It can last for multiple years of schooling if a student takes good care of it. This fact makes a backpack an extremely kind donation.

Sanitary Products

Sanitation in schools has never been more important, and not every school can provide these products when students most require them. Some of the most needed school supplies to donate nowadays are tissues, hand sanitizers, paper towels, and soap. You can do a lot to protect the children’s health by providing these sanitary essentials.

Notebooks, Folders, and Binders

Notetaking and organizing are two of the most important skills that children learn while in school. You can help facilitate these skills with products like folders, three-ring binders, and spiral notebooks. Every child needs these items, no matter what grade they may be in. These items make great donations, so be sure to pick up some extras for those in need.


Even in today’s world where we have calculators on our wireless phones, children still need to use dedicated calculators for schoolwork. Older students may need more advanced calculators for math subjects like algebra and calculus as well. Thus, it pays off to have them even when they have basic calculators on their phones. Advanced calculators can cost a bit more than normal ones, making them highly needed donations for schools.

School Clothes

Children grow up so quickly and often change sizes year to year. As they become older, they’ll need new clothes to start off the school year. If your children have outgrown their old school clothes, consider checking out GreenDrop and making a used clothing donation in Springfield or one of our other locations. Getting quality clothes that fit can help a child feel much more comfortable as they go back to school.

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