Time vs. Money vs. Things: What Should You Donate

Giving back to your community is always a rewarding experience, and it’s something you should be able to feel good about. However, there is the ever-present question of, “What exactly should I donate?” Wanting to know how best to help is a noble goal, and we want to help you make the right decision for you. Here we’ll examine time vs. money vs. things: what should you donate?


Wanting to give your time to help those in need is extremely generous. It is also one of the most fulfilling feelings when you can be up close and personal with those you are helping. It makes the experience more tangible and real when you can truly see how you’re making an impact. You should donate your time if you have the time to spare and want to have more of a direct role in the charity process. However, be aware of your limits. Volunteering your time may be great, but make sure that you aren’t overexerting yourself and letting your own life fall by the wayside. Also, be sure that your skill set matches up with what the charity actually needs so that you can volunteer effectively.


When it comes right down to it, money makes the world go around. This is just as true for charities as it is for businesses and people. Donating money to your charitable organization of choice is an easy way to know that you are directly contributing to their cause. While it may seem more impersonal, many charities rely heavily on monetary donations to continue doing what they do, so don’t feel as though you’re not doing all you can. Again, it is important to know your limits here—don’t sacrifice your own livelihood just because you want to help as much as possible.


Donating physical items is a fantastic way to help everyone involved in the process. The donor gets a sense of fulfillment while also ridding themselves of items they no longer need. The recipient charity gains useful items that they can put to better use somewhere else. Even the planet benefits from this process, as donating is a form of recycling. GreenDrop is unique in that we sell your donated items to secondhand stores for repurposing, and the money from those sales goes directly to worthy charities. This way, you get the best of both worlds when donating your old items!

Which should you donate, time, money, or things? The answer is that they all help, so choose the one that makes the most sense for where you are in life. Go Green Drop wants to be there to help. Whether you drop off your used items at our establishments or schedule a clothing pickup, we’ll be there to make the most out of your time, money, and items.