Tips for Cleaning Out Storage Units

If you ever needed to use a storage unit, chances are you experienced the dread that comes along with cleaning it out. Though self-storage facilities offer great environments for your belongings, and they can rid clutter from your home, they tend to get quite messy.

Storage units should be maintained, cleaned, and occasionally organized and reorganized to ensure the materials inside don’t degrade. If you need to completely empty your unit, we have the steps you need to conquer this task. Take a look at these tips for cleaning out storage units below. The stress of cleaning won’t be nearly as overwhelming!

Enlist Help

Believe it or not, you don’t have to tackle this task alone. If you have children, ask them to help you and offer an incentive to do so. Plenty of businesses offer clean out services—you could even hire a professional organizer for extra aid. Though it’s possible to do it alone, it will take less time and cause less stress if you get help.

Donate, Keep, or Toss

In one of our previous posts, we discussed different tips for getting rid of clutter. One of those tips was the four-box method—use four boxes labeled either keep, toss, donate/sell, or store. For this purpose, however, we suggest getting rid of the store box (otherwise you’ll just want to keep everything where it is!). Instead, stick to donating, keeping, or tossing the different items that you come across in the unit. Chances are that you can donate a large majority of it!

Go Section by Section

When you open the door, you may instantly become overwhelmed with everything you need to accomplish. Take a deep breath and then conquer your task section by section. The smaller chunks you can break your cleaning into, the more you’ll actually end up accomplishing and the smaller chance of skyrocketed stress. When you plan ahead, you can even go day by day and plan what you want to accomplish in those days!

Take Breaks

It’s quite simple really, you’ll move slower and get less accomplished if you try to pack it all in within a few hours. You’ll get more stressed, easily frustrated, and have a higher chance of giving up if you don’t give yourself some breaks. Try out the Pomodoro Technique but for cleaning—twenty minutes of cleaning, five minutes of break, twenty minutes cleaning, and so on. Give your mind a chance to catch up from all these surfaced memories.

Limit What You’ll Take Back Home

That keep box we were talking about? Try to limit how many of those you’ll let yourself take home. You rented out the storage space to give yourself space at home—don’t reverse the process by bringing all of it back. If you know it’ll just end up sitting in the basement, don’t bring it home.

Think of the End Result

Our final tip should assuage the stress of deep cleans and clean outs. When you first begin, and even when you’re in the throes of it, your stress will probably get quite high. In those moments, think of the end result. You get a cleaner space, a cleaned-out space, saved money, and you help those in need with the donations you provide. The positives will outweigh the negatives!

Once you clean it out and your donation boxes are full, turn to GreenDrop. Take all those boxes to one of our clothing drop off locations and know that those donations will help those in need. We turn those donations into monetary donations for the charity of your choosing. Remember, the good outweighs the bad—clean out your unit and help those in need!