Tips for Getting Rid of Old Unwanted DVDs

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Just a few years ago, DVDs were all the rage for every homeowner and movie enthusiast. At the time, one of the best gifts you could offer a loved one was an entire DVD collection of their favorite TV show or movie series. What was once a vast money-making force has now trickled out in favor of streaming, online rentals, and digital downloads.

So you may have a collection of DVDs that has remained untouched for years. You don’t necessarily have to part with all of them. However, a good portion of your collection might not be as appealing as it once was. Here are a few tips for getting rid of old unwanted DVDs instead of throwing them away.

Resell Online to Collectors

A simple DVD of a blockbuster movie might not mean much to you, but that doesn’t mean it means nothing to a collector. Many movie and TV show collectors try to amass a sizeable personal collection. Everyone collects something in their life, whether stamps or baseball cards. DVDs and VHS tapes are no different.

So one of the tips for getting rid of old unwanted DVDs is going through and researching their value. If you have DVDs with decently sized resale values, consider selling them to collectors. A collector may greatly appreciate your contribution.

Recycle at Designated Locations

When it comes to recycling DVDs, there can be some complications. The process isn’t as simple as throwing them in a bin with cardboard, paper, and glass bottles.

While DVDs remain recyclable, you need to find a designated location to throw them away correctly. Thankfully, many recycling facilities allow you to set up a curbside drop-off, too. So take a moment to look up your local DVD and CD recycling facility.

Donate to School and Libraries

If you have a collection of children’s shows and movies that you no longer use, consider giving them to a local library or school. Many schools and libraries need to provide resources for children to learn and grow. Therefore, it’s an excellent opportunity to give back to your community.

Look at your local newsletter or library websites and see what they accept. You’ll help them teach children and bring smiles to their faces.

Finding a location for clothing and household item donations is another option. You can donate DVDs to GreenDrop in Laurel, MD. You can help the community by providing DVD and clothing resources! We at GreenDrop will help you get your donations where they can help others.

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