Tips for How To Encourage Your Coworkers To Donate

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Participating in acts of kindness does a lot of good for everyone. It’s as simple as donating a box of clothing to your local charity or volunteering at a soup kitchen to feed the homeless.

However, getting your coworkers involved can feel intimidating if you don’t know how they’ll react. Luckily, here are some tips for how to encourage your coworkers to donate so everyone can feel good by doing their part.

Make It Convenient for Employees

Sometimes going out of your way to make a difference should be encouraged. One of the first tips for how to encourage your coworkers to donate is to make it as easy as possible for them. You can provide a donation bin in your office for your coworkers to contribute to.

Whether it’s a box to donate sums of money or to bring canned goods for a local food drive, it will make an impact. You can even have a corporate giving program in the workplace.

Create an Event in the Office

Talk with your leads and staff about dedicating an afternoon towards contributing to a good cause. Whether it’s raising money through a party or raising charitable bets on coworkers playing games together, it creates a sense of community and brings people together.

You can dedicate an afternoon to playing a sport to raise donation funds or even playing betting games for small prizes. The more money they donate, the higher their chance of receiving an award. It’s a fun way to relax from work stress while doing something good.

Encourage It During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time where family and friends come together to celebrate their appreciation and love for one another. It shouldn’t feel any different for coworkers since you spend most of your time talking to your work buddies. Additionally, many families don’t have the opportunity to celebrate the holidays, buy a tree, or even have a holiday meal together.

So, consider doing a donation gift drive for the holidays. You and your coworkers can buy gifts for children in need for the holidays. Lastly, you can donate winter supplies to families in need to help them make it through the cold.

Get Involved With Volunteer Opportunities

Employees can take a day out of their work schedule to help a local drive by partnering with nonprofit charities. For example, employees can make meals for families and homeless people in need.

Interestingly enough, they can help set new records for how many meals got made that year. It’s a great way for workers to step away from work for a day to do something good.

Encouraging your coworkers to do something good for others is difficult to start. If you’re looking to make clothing and household item donations in Springfield, NJ, look no further than GreenDrop. We do our best to help those in need with your generous contributions.

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