Tips for organizing your clothes prior to moving.

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Whether you’re moving across town or to an entirely new state, here are a few tips for organizing your clothes prior to moving and what to do with the items not going with you.

Pull out all your clothing.

You need to see what you have, so empty those closets, dressers, and hide-a-way places. (And don’t forget your dirty laundry.)

Start sorting.

Once you have all your clothes pulled out, it’s a great time to decide what you no longer wear and need to pack. Tip: Create yes, no, and maybe piles of what’s going with you, what isn’t, and what can be given to a local nonprofit.

Make a to-keep pile.

Your “yes” pile should be easy, and maybe you found a sweater your grandmother made you as a baby or a T-shirt from a concert you loved. It’s OK to keep items that are sentimental to you.

Then, double-check again in case you really can part with those sweaters you haven’t worn in years or the shoes that are beyond repair.

Have a maybe pile.

This is often the hardest pile to determine whether you’re going to keep and move—or not. Consider asking for a second opinion from a friend and take the time to go through this pile more than once.

Separate off-season clothing.

Once you’ve gone through everything you want to keep, organize your clothing by season and pack and label what you’re most likely to wear first. Maybe you want pants and jeans all in one box, tops and dresses in another, shoes together in another, and winter stuff is separated out, properly labeled, packed, and unpacked last. Tip: Don’t overpack your boxes, making them unnecessarily heavy.

Pack a suitcase for those first few days.

Once you’ve gone through your clothing, it’s a great idea to pack some luggage for your first few nights in your new home. Consider essentials like PJs, socks, and undergarments, plus a few comfortable outfits, shoes, and a coat to get you by. It’s also a great idea to pack a toiletries bag and keep out a few bath and hand towels.

Designate a giveaway pile for GreenDrop®.

Some clothing may be too worn out to give away, so consider ripping up and using them as cleaning cloths or wrapping them around your fragile items to extend their life.

For clothing and other household items not going with you, you can drive-up and drop-off your donations at our GreenDrop® location in Centreville, VA, which we accept on behalf of our nonprofit partners. GreenDrop® is a for-profit company and registered professional fundraiser. We pay our nonprofit partners for your donations, helping them fund their programs in your community. Please be sure to read our disclosures.

Schedule a pickup.

You can also go to to schedule a pickup of clothing and household donations from your home.

We hope you find these tips and links helpful, and good luck with your move!

Tips for organizing your clothes prior to moving.

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